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Indonesia's ISIS-linked, most wanted terrorist dead
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Good morning
Posted by: Fred || 07/19/2016 00:16 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6487 views] Top|| File under:

#1  Are you sure this isn't Louie instead of Louise?
Posted by: JohnQC || 07/19/2016 9:02 Comments || Top||

#2  Isn't she the one that took down big Jill?
Posted by: Shipman || 07/19/2016 11:08 Comments || Top||

#3  Louise 'Luisita' Leers
Posted by: Mullah Richard || 07/19/2016 13:50 Comments || Top||

#4  She looks GREAT to me.
Posted by: Whiskey Mike || 07/19/2016 17:42 Comments || Top||

#5  Take out the garbage and feed the kittuahs? I am on it!
Posted by: Shipman || 07/19/2016 19:13 Comments || Top||

9 Taliban killed after launching a coordinated attack in Badghis
[Khaama (Afghanistan)] At least 9 Taliban gunnies were killed after they launched a coordinated attack on a police check in Badghis province located in northwestern part of the country.

Provincial police chief Abdul Rauf Taj said festivities between the police forces the Taliban gunnies started on Sunday afternoon and continued for several hours.

He said scores of Talibs launched the attack on the police check post in Jund district.

Taj further added that the Taliban gunnies were forced to retreat after their attack was repulsed, leaving at least 9 of them dead.

He did not disclose further information regarding the possible casualties incurred to the police forces during the clash.

The anti-government armed Death Eater groups including the Taliban gunnies have not commented regarding the report so far.

Badghis is among the relatively peaceful provinces in northwestern part of the country but the Taliban gunnies are attempting to destabilize the province as part of their spring offensive.

Posted by: Fred || 07/19/2016 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6476 views] Top|| File under: Taliban

Militant shot dead before attacking Afghan intelligence forces in Kandahar
[Khaama (Afghanistan)] A turban was rubbed out before he manage to carry out an attack on the convoy of the Afghan intelligence, National Directorate of Security
...the Afghan national intel agency...
(NDS) operatives in southern Kandahar.

The provincial government media office said the turban was rubbed out in the 9th police district of Kandahar city today.

The turban was identified by the NDS operatives and rubbed out before he carry out the attack, the provincial government media office said, adding that another turban managed to flee the area.

The anti-government armed turban groups have not commented regarding the incident so far.

Talibs and Death Eaters belonging to the other turban groups are actively operating in Kandahar province despite the security situation has improved during the recent months.

The gunnies are attempting to destabilize the province as they try to expand their insurgency activities across the country, specifically since they launched their spring offensive in April this year.

In the meantime, the Afghan security officials are saying that the spring offesive led by the Taliban group has been succesfully repulsed with the launch of the annual counter-terrrism operations.
Posted by: Fred || 07/19/2016 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6474 views] Top|| File under: Taliban

Taliban attacks rock Afghanistan's Kunduz province
[Al Jazeera] At least 100 Taliban fighters have attacked a district in Afghanistan's heavily embattled northern Kunduz province in a bid to take control of yet another district, officials said.

"Fortunately, our security forces have been able to push the Taliban back," Mahbubullah Saeedi, the district governor for Qalai Zal, where fighting is continuing, said on Monday.

Saeedi's optimism however was contradicted by Amruddin Wali, a provincial council member, who claims the "militant group is controlling large parts of the centre save for the district and police buildings."

Wali put the number of Taliban attackers at around 500.

Saeedi said that eight Taliban - including a commander - were killed, while one Afghan security force member was dead and three others maimed.

Saeedi said most civilians living in the city have fled to more secure areas.

Kunduz is one of the most volatile provinces in the north. The capital of the province fell to the Taliban briefly last year, and most districts have a heavy Taliban presence.

Posted by: Fred || 07/19/2016 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6471 views] Top|| File under: Taliban

Africa Horn
Puntland, Somaliland forces clash in Sanaag, 5 killed
[Garowe Online] DHAHAR, Somalia-At least five soldiers have been killed after Puntland
...a region in northeastern Somalia, centered on Garowe in the Nugaal province. Its leaders declared the territory an autonomous state in 1998. Puntland and the equally autonomous Somaliland seem to have avoided the clan rivalries and warlordism that have typified the rest of Somalia, which puts both places high on the list for Islamic subversion...
and Somaliland troops clashed in a deadly battle amidst the latter’s voter registration exercise in restive northern Sanaagregion on Monday, Garowe Online reports.

Puntland Member of Parliament Abdihakin Dhobadired unveiled that he cannot rule out deaths in Sanaag festivities at a press briefing. Locals were quoted as saying that technicals were alsoseized. Puntland Army Commander have confirmed that three soldiers on their side and two high ranking Somaliland military officers were killed.

Highland Governor Mohammed Farah Jentalo blamed the festivities on what he described "Somaliland’s flagrant aggression" during a phone interview with Puntland-based independent station, Radio Garowe.

He said, Puntland forces were in control of areas where the fighting erupted in the early hours of the day.

206 wards Saturday opened in Sanaag region and Somaliland Electoral Board asked residents to register and update their details on voter rolls ahead of 2017 presidential and parliamentary elections.

Somaliland Defence Minister Ahmed Haji Ali (Adami) has led a delegation of ministers, MPs and army majors to his stronghold Badhan by Sunday.

In a separate voter registration process, Fisheries Minister Ali Jama Bured is in Dhahar town in a sign for consolidating Somaliland presence in the strongly contested region.

Somaliland beefed up troops over the last few weeks despite warnings that such a military movement could trigger a "fresh flare-up".

Posted by: Fred || 07/19/2016 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6477 views] Top|| File under: al-Shabaab

Africa North
Mass grave found in Ajdabiya
A mass grave with up to 15 bodies has been discovered outside Ajdabiya. The find, 18 kilometres to the south of the town, contained at least one corpse wearing a uniform.

The exhumation was begun by members of the Red Crescent and soldiers from the 152 Infantry Battalion, who had told by people in the town of a mass-burial. It is unclear when the bodies were buried nor how they died.

Ajdabiya CID has begun an investigation and is seeking to identify the dead. There has been speculation that the grave dates from the Revolution.
Posted by: badanov || 07/19/2016 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6467 views] Top|| File under:

Muslim mob in Minya attacks Christians, killing 1; four arrested
[AlAhram] A Coptic Orthodox holy man in Egypt's Minya governorate has said a sectarian attack in a village there on Sunday killed one person and maimed three others.

Bishop Makarious of Minya said in a brief statement Sunday that the families of two priests in the Tahna El-Jabal village were attacked by assailants wielding knives and batons, killing a 27-year-old man and injuring three others, including a woman.

The holy man did not elaborate on the reasons behind the violence, but local media reports suggest the fighting resulted from an argument between Moslem and Christian children over priority to pass through the street.

Emad Nabil, a local lawyer, was quoted in a Christian forum as saying that police had tossed in the calaboose
... anything you say can and will be used against you, whether you say it or not...
four suspects in relation to the attack.

Al-Azhar, the country's top Sunni Moslem authority, called on both sides to resort to law and not to provide the opportunity for "malicious" attempts "to sow discord and ignite sectarian strife."
A coded warning to the Christians not to make waves by insisting on their legal rights...
The prestigious Moslem body said a delegation from the Family House, a group of Moslem and Christian leaders that promotes peaceful coexistence, was sent to the village to help settle the matter.
...which will make the warning explicit.
Christians, who make up about 10 percent of Egypt's population of 90 million, have long complained
...in vain...
of discrimination and sectarian attacks in the predominantly Sunni Moslem country. Only two months ago, Moslem villagers set ablaze seven Christian homes and assaulted a Christian man's elderly mother, parading her naked in public. The assault in in Minya's El-Karm village was sparked by rumours that the man was having an illicit relationship with a Moslem woman.
Posted by: trailing wife || 07/19/2016 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6470 views] Top|| File under:

Africa Subsaharan
MNJTF troops repel Boko Haram attacks in Baga
[FINANCIALWATCHNGR] The Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF) troops on Friday said it had successfully repelled Boko Haram
... not to be confused with Procol Harum, Harum Scarum, possibly to be confused with Helter Skelter. The Nigerian version of al-Qaeda and the Taliban rolled together and flavored with a smigeon of distinctly Subsaharan ignorance and brutality...
terrorists’ attacks in Baga.

This is contained in a statement signed by Col. Muhammad Dole, the Chief Military Public Information Officer of the task force and made available to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

According to the statement, "in continuation with conduct of Operation GAMA AIKI by Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF) in its Area of Operation (AOO), the troops of sector 3 in Baga, (Nigeria) had successfully repelled Boko Haram turbans attacks and cleared more villages around Kangarwa and Doron Naira villages.

"A total of 25 x BHT were feared died, 2 x Trucks mounted with AA guns and one was captured.

"Also among seized weapons were, 1 x 60mm Mortar, 2 x RPG tubes, 12 x AK 47 rifles, 1 x LMG, 1 x GPMG, assorted ammunitions of various caliber, including a vehicle,’’ it said.

It noted that the troops had continued to spring surprises along suspected logistic supply routes of the turbans in the general areas of Yoyo and Bashar villages.

"During the encounter some bad boyz were potted, 2 x AK 47 rifles and 3 x Motorcycles, 7 x Jericans of PMS, as well as assorted drugs were recovered.

"Also, during all these combat operations, the Sector lost 1 x officer and a soldier, with 7 soldiers maimed in action.

"The maimed personnel were swiftly evacuated to the nearest medical centre for treatment,’’ it said.

Posted by: Fred || 07/19/2016 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6472 views] Top|| File under: Boko Haram

11 dead in Yemen bombings claimed by Qaeda
[Al Ahram] Suicide bombings killed 11 people Monday at two army checkpoints in Al-Qaeda's former stronghold in southeastern Yemen, officials said, in attacks claimed by the jihadist group.

One attacker drove his bomb-laden truck into a checkpoint in a western district of Hadramawt's scenic provincial capital Mukalla, security officials told AFP.

The second attacker simultaneously blew up his vehicle at an army checkpoint in the nearby town of Hajr, some 15 kilometres (nine miles) to the west of Mukalla, the sources said.

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula
...the latest incarnation of various Qaeda and Qaeda-allied groups, including the now-defunct Aden-Abyan Islamic Army that boomed the USS Cole in 2000...
grabbed credit for the two attacks in a report on its Telegram account.

AQAP said "dozens were killed and maimed" from forces loyal to President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi and it posted photographs of the two bombers.

The commander of Hadramawt's second military region, General Faraj Salmeen, had earlier told AFP that the second bombing struck the centre of the city, blaming the attack on "terrorists".

Eleven people were killed and 18 were maimed in the twin bombings, said Riad Jariri, head of the health department in Mukalla.

Four civilians were among those killed, he told AFP.

Mukalla and surrounding towns were under the control of AQAP for one year until pro-government troops backed by a Saudi-led coalition recaptured the city in April.

Posted by: Fred || 07/19/2016 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6471 views] Top|| File under: al-Qaeda in Arabia

Caucasus/Russia/Central Asia
Almaty armed attack: 8 people hospitalized
Eight people, injured during the armed attack in Almaty, have been hospitalized, said Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development July 18. Their condition is listed as serious, said the ministry.

Kazakh media reported about a shooting near the Almaly District Interior Department in the center of Almaty July 18 morning. Four people, including three police officers and one civilian, were killed.

The suspect was arrested by the police. An operation is underway to detain the criminal’s accomplice.
Not clear if this is WoT or random violence in a far-away place. We'll see...
Here's Al Ahram's take on the fog of gunfire:
Gunmen killed two policemen in Kazakhstan's financial capital Almaty on Monday, security sources and the Interior Ministry told Reuters, as the authorities said they had launched an anti-terrorist operation. The Interfax news agency, quoting a police source, said "a religious radical and probably a follower of non-traditional Islam", was on the rampage in central Almaty, opening fire from time to time.

Two witnesses told Reuters they had heard shots in several areas in the centre of Almaty, the mainly Muslim country's biggest city.

"We saw a man with a rifle, he passed by," one shop worker said by phone.

Police cordoned off several central streets, including the one near a local office of the KNB security police, where shots were also heard.

"I heard one shot, most probably, fired from a pistol," said one man standing nearby.

At least one attacker had been detained by the police, the RIA news agency quoted a security source as saying. It said several policemen had also been wounded.

Kazakhstan, an oil rich-rich nation of 18 million, is far more prosperous than its post-Soviet neighbours in Central Asia. President Nursultan Nazarbayev, 76, has ruled it with a firm hand since 1989, making stability his motto. But the country has recently seen outbreaks of violence, initially triggered by discontent over proposed land reforms.

The KNB, successor to the Soviet-era KGB, said last month it had detained several members of a group which planned "terrorist acts using improvised explosive devices", following a deadly attack in the northwestern town of Aktobe. In that incident, about two dozen men described by the authorities as sympathisers of Islamic State, attacked gun stores and a national guard facility, killing seven people. Security forces killed 18 attackers, some on the same day and some in the subsequent manhunt.
Posted by: Steve White || 07/19/2016 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6476 views] Top|| File under:

Nice attack: Tuesday a.m. quick update
Nice attacker searched Orlando massacre, jihadi images before rampage: prosecutor

[IsraelTimes] The truck driver who killed 85 people in the French city of Nice showed a “clear, recent interest” in radical Islam, the Paris prosecutor said Monday, confirming the attack was “premeditated.”

The investigation showed Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel had trawled the internet for information on a terror attack in the US city of Orlando and on the killing of a police couple in a Paris suburb last month, Francois Molins said. A search of his computer also found violent images “linked to radical Islam,” he told a press conference in Paris. Molins said the investigation confirmed the attack was “premeditated,” and said 13 victims had yet to be identified.

However he said no clear link had been established between the father of three and the Islamic State group which claimed the Bastille Day carnage.

Photographs found on the attacker’s mobile phone showed he staked out the promenade in the days before he struck, he added. Bouhlel had used the rented truck to stake out the Nice seafront for two consecutive days before striking.

Uncle says Nice attacker recruited by Algerian IS member

[IsraelTimes] The uncle of the truck driver who killed 84 people on the French Riviera last week says his nephew was indoctrinated about two weeks ago by an Algerian member of the Islamic State group in Nice. The driver’s uncle, Sadok Bouhlel, tells The Associated Press that given Bouhlel’s family problems — he was estranged from his wife and three children — the Algerian “found in Mohamed an easy prey for recruitment.”

“Mohamed didn’t pray, didn’t go to the mosque and ate pork,” says Sadok Bouhlel, a 69-year-old retired teacher, in the driver’s hometown of Msaken, Tunisia. He says he learned about the Algerian recruiter from extended family members who live in Nice.

Phones, cocaine found at home of Nice attack suspect

[IsraelTimes] French officials say police found 11 telephones, cocaine and 2,600 euros ($2,900) in cash at the home of a suspect held in the investigation into the deadly Bastille Day attack in Nice. At the home of one of the suspects, an Albanian national, investigators find the phones and cocaine, according to that official and the Paris prosecutor’s office.

The suspect is among seven people in custody in the probe into last week’s attack, which killed 84 people. Three of the suspects are brought to French intelligence headquarters in Paris on Monday to face eventual terrorism charges, according to a security official.
Posted by: trailing wife || 07/19/2016 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6484 views] Top|| File under: Islamic State

#1  He says he learned about the Algerian recruiter from extended family members who live in Nice.

who didn't tell the Police
Posted by: Frank G || 07/19/2016 10:01 Comments || Top||

#2  #1 He says he learned about the Algerian recruiter from extended family members who live in Nice.

who didn't tell the Police

That's because they're moderate Muslims.
Posted by: charger || 07/19/2016 17:08 Comments || Top||

#3  I need ZF!

Re: The very picture of Modern Muslim Major
Posted by: Shipman || 07/19/2016 19:16 Comments || Top||

5 Kosovo Albanians jailed for plans to prepare ISIS video
[Ynet] A Kosovo court has sentenced five ethnic Albanians to jail terms for plans to prepare an Islamic State
...formerly ISIS or ISIL, depending on your preference. Before that al-Qaeda in Iraq, as shaped by Abu Musab Zarqawi. They're very devout, committing every atrocity they can find in the Koran and inventing a few more. They fling Allah around with every other sentence, but to hear the pols talk they're not really Moslems....

A Pristina court sentenced them Monday from four to 13 years in prison.

The verdict said the five, who were locked away
Into the paddy wagon wit' yez!
last year, aimed at "frightening the population, destabilizing and destroying fundamental political, constitutional, economic and social state structures ... by preparing terrorist penal acts."

They wanted to prepare an internet video with the IS logo to show that the group has a presence in Kosovo. A sixth person is on the lam.

Authorities say that about 70 Kosovo citizens are believed to still be active fighters in Syria and Iraq, though they say that no Kosovo Albanian joined any Islamic myrmidon group in the two countries last year.
Posted by: trailing wife || 07/19/2016 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6476 views] Top|| File under: Islamic State

Migrants injured in mass brawl at Hungary refugee camp
[AlAhram] Eight people were hospitalised after a mass brawl involving some 200 migrants colonists broke out at a migrant camp in Hungary Sunday, a senior government official said.

A group of around 20 asylum-seekers -- including Algerians, Syrians, Paks, and Mongolians -- triggered the violence when they exchanged blows before attacking each other using furniture, said Gyorgy Bakondi, chief advisor to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

The incident happened at around 8 pm (1800 GMT) in Kiskunhalas, 150 kilometres (95 miles) south of the capital Budapest, close to the southern border with Serbia.

As many as 200 police were needed to restore order, Bakondi told state news agency MTI.

Nine people sustained non-life threatening injuries.

The Kiskunhalas facility is one of three closed camps in Hungary where claims by asylum-seekers are processed. An estimated 740 migrants colonists were kept in the camps in June, according to refugee rights group the Hungarian Helsinki Committee.

Around 400,000 migrants colonists and refugees passed through Hungary in 2015 before Orban's right-wing government sealed its southern borders with razor wire and fences in the autumn.

Numbers have been rising sharply again in recent months however, rising to a total of around 17,500 by the end of June.

Earlier this month, Budapest introduced new security measures including the forced return to no-man's land between Hungary and Serbia of any migrant found within eight kilometres (five miles) of the southern border .

In a report released in mid-July, Human Rights Watch
... During the fiscal year ended June 30, 2011, HRW received a pledge from the Foundation to Promote Open Society, of which George Soros is Chairman, for general support totaling $100,000,000. The grant is being paid in installments of $10,000,000 over ten years.Through June 30, 2013, HRW had received $30,000,000 towards the fulfillment of the pledge....
(HRW) denounced Hungary for "cruel and violent treatment" of migrants colonists in April and May, accusing police and soldiers of beating people before forcibly expelling them back into Serbia.

The government rejected the claims, saying HRW was "misconstruing the rules relating to the asylum proceedings out of obvious ignorance of the situation".
Posted by: trailing wife || 07/19/2016 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6501 views] Top|| File under:

#1  before Orban's right-wing government sealed its southern borders

The media must make sure we all know this is a bad government. Not a regular government, a right-wing government.
Posted by: Bobby || 07/19/2016 7:36 Comments || Top||

#2  things like this must not happen. furniture must be banned.
Posted by: Grins Snese4215 || 07/19/2016 13:31 Comments || Top||

#3  Not like this is a new development. I have a Croatian friend who ended up in a refugee camp in Germany in the early 60's; he mentioned that the Serbs and Croats would fight each other, but both would join up to fight the Kosovans.
Posted by: Pappy || 07/19/2016 18:11 Comments || Top||

#4  Pappy, Mr. Wife tells stories of fights between the Serb and Croat boys on his Lackawanna (NY) high school soccer team in the mid-1970s. He was elected captain, because as a second generation Polish-American he was the only neutral party on the team.
Posted by: trailing wife || 07/19/2016 20:13 Comments || Top||

21 People Injured in Axe Attack on Train near Wuerzburg, Germany
More from the Daily Mirror here.
An Afghan teen attacked passengers on a train in Germany Monday using bladed weapons, severely injuring at least three people, and was later rubbed out by a SWAT-style team, authorities said.

The incident happened on a train in Heidingsfeld, near Wurzburg, police said. The weapons were described as an ax and a knife. Officers shot and killed the attacker, police said.

The attacker was a 17-year-old Afghan man, Bavaria's interior minister, Joachim Herrmann, said in an interview on German public television ARD. Herrmann said the police team shot the attacker after he exited the train and charged them.
The Afghan man is either 1) kidnapped from Kabul and being held in Germany against his will 2) a refugee who was radicalized by being forced to live in an opulent western country or 3) a colonist and deep-penetration agent who was activated to do what he did. My vote is mostly (3) with a dash of (2).
Police said at least three people suffered severe injuries and 10 to 20 people have what were described as light injuries, but the majority of those suffered from shock and not directly from the attacker.

Police said it is too early to determine a motive or whether the incident might be terrorism related.

Hermann was quoted by NBC's German partners ZDF as saying the 17-year-old was an unaccompanied refugee, and lived with a caretaker or foster family in Ochsenfurt, south of Wurzburg. The train passed through the town, but it was unclear when he boarded.

The suspect lived "for some time" in in Ochsenfurt, Hermann said. The police team that killed the suspect was there by chance, and was nearby on an unrelated event, Herrmann said.

The attack on the train comes days after a driver rammed a truck into a crowd in Nice, La Belle France, at the end of a Bastille Day fireworks show, killing 84 people. Authorities in La Belle France have called that attack an act of terrorism.

In Germany in May, a man armed with a knife killed one person and injured three others in a dawn attack on a train station near Munich. The attacker in that case was placed in durance vile
You have the right to remain silent...

Update at 1345 CT: German authorities are unclear on the motives of the attacker. Gob-smacked, they are...
Posted by: Elmerert Hupens2660 || 07/19/2016 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6477 views] Top|| File under:

#1  I told them, and I told them...GIs ride free. Did they listen? Nooooo, they didn't listen, cheap bastards.
Now look.
Posted by: Richard || 07/19/2016 7:00 Comments || Top||

#2  A SWAT team to take out a guy with an axe?

Isn't that disproportionate use of force? Or does that term only apply to Israel?
Posted by: gorb || 07/19/2016 11:15 Comments || Top||

The Grand Turk
Massive explosion reported in Ankara, Turkey
A loud explosion was heard in Turkey's capital city of Ankara Tuesday, with one report saying an explosion may have occurred at the state-run television building.

Get the B61-s out of that country yesterday.
Posted by: 3dc || 07/19/2016 11:31 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6481 views] Top|| File under:

#1  CNN.turk live video is 'off the air'
Posted by: Skidmark || 07/19/2016 12:10 Comments || Top||

#2  Seems on air now; may be a canned show though, I can't tell.
Posted by: Whiskey Mike || 07/19/2016 12:21 Comments || Top||

#3  Residential building
Posted by: Skidmark || 07/19/2016 12:34 Comments || Top||

#4  Massive?
Posted by: Tarzan Slailet2796 || 07/19/2016 12:44 Comments || Top||

#5  Get the B61-s out of that country yesterday.

Better yet, just push that little red button on the tip of the nosecone on one of them.
Posted by: gorb || 07/19/2016 14:35 Comments || Top||

#6  Gorb, I like the way you think, but I hope to God that it's a wee bit more complicated than that.
Posted by: Rambler in Virginia || 07/19/2016 14:54 Comments || Top||

#7  But, not too much more complicated. ;)
Posted by: illeagle || 07/19/2016 15:57 Comments || Top||

#8  Update from Al Ahram:

Fire in residential building in Turkey's Ankara under control: Turkish official

A fire broke out at a residential building in the Turkish capital Ankara but it has been brought under control, a Turkish official said on Tuesday, following reports on social media about a possible explosion.

Reuters reporters in Ankara could see the fire, which appeared to be in a small building. No loud explosion had been heard in the city, they said.

Tensions are running high in Turkey following last Friday's failed military coup and a series of purges the government has launched in state institutions against those it considers implicated.

All's well that ends, I suppose.
Posted by: trailing wife || 07/19/2016 16:43 Comments || Top||

Turkey’s ex-air force chief ‘admits’ to plotting coup
[IsraelTimes] Former Turkish Air Force chief has confessed to plotting the failed military coup aimed at ousting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the state-run Anadolu news agency reported Monday.

The report said Ozturk confessed during an interrogation to planning putsch, which began on Friday night and claimed at least 265 lives before it was quashed by forces loyal to the government.

Photos of Ozturk circulating in Turkish media appeared to show a number of injuries to his head and upper body, as he was shackled.

Turkish prosecutors on Monday began questioning Ozturk along with 27 other generals suspected to have been involved in the attempted coup, Anadolu reported.

The former air force commander has denied he was involved in the putsch, insisting he worked to quell the uprising in statements to Turkish media over the weekend.

Ozturk, who led Turkey’s air force between 2013 and 2015 before retiring from the army last year, was the nation’s military attaché to Israel in the 1990s; he served in the Jewish state between 1996-1998.

In the wake of the coup, Erdogan’s government moved swiftly to shore up its power and remove those perceived as enemies.

Turkish media on Monday reported that the Interior Ministry fired nearly 9,000 police officers, bureaucrats and others, and detained thousands of suspected plotters.

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim announced a total of 7,543 people had been detained since Friday, including 6,030 military personnel.

The government alleged the coup conspirators were loyal to moderate US-based cleric Fethullah Gulen, whom Erdogan has often accused of trying to overthrow the government. Gulen, who lives in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania, is a former Erdogan ally turned bitter foe who has been put on trial in absentia in Turkey, where the government has labeled his movement a terrorist organization. He strongly denies the government’s charges.

Kerry said the United States would entertain an extradition request for Gulen, but Turkey would have to present “legitimate evidence that withstands scrutiny.” So far, officials have not offered evidence he was involved.

Yildirim said those involved with the failed coup “will receive every punishment they deserve.” Erdogan suggested that Turkey might reinstate capital punishment, which was abolished in 2004 as part of the country’s bid to join the European Union.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesman said Monday that Turkey reinstating the death penalty would mean the end of negotiations for the country to join the EU.
Update from The Times of Israel at 2:45 a.m. ET:
In court, Turkey ex-air force chief denies planning coup

One of the most senior military figures detained on charges of involvement in Turkey’s failed coup bid appears in court Monday and denies he was the mastermind of the plot. Looking tired and haggard with his ear bandaged in images published by state media, former air force chief General Akin Ozturk appears before the criminal court in Ankara.

In his statement to prosecutors, Akin denies he was the ringleader of the coup, whose identity remains unclear.

“I am not the person who planned or led the coup. Who planned it and directed it, I do not know,” Anadolu quotes him as saying.

Some state-linked Turkish media had earlier quoted him as confessing to have played a prime role in the coup, but later replaced this information with his denial.

The court is to decide if he and 26 other generals and admirals should be remanded in custody ahead of trial, the state-run Anadolu news agency reports. They are accused of trying to overthrow the existing order and also of plotting to assassinate President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
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#1  Goodbye turkish airforce chier
Posted by: chris || 07/19/2016 1:11 Comments || Top||

#2  Did he admit to assassinating Julius Caesar yet?
Posted by: g(r)omgoru || 07/19/2016 5:15 Comments || Top||

#3  Just to being on a grassy knoll in Dallas.
Posted by: Pappy || 07/19/2016 10:13 Comments || Top||

#4  Just like Kamenev and Zinoviev were definitely plotting against Stalin.
Posted by: charger || 07/19/2016 11:46 Comments || Top||

#5  Was he waterboarded? I'm told those confessions are unreliable.
Posted by: regular joe || 07/19/2016 11:51 Comments || Top||

#6  Reliable sources are extremely valuable. Unreliable sources have value as well.

Nearly all tips and confessions produced through interrogations can be beneficial. So called 'single source' intelligence must be corroborated. If found to be inaccurate, then the process of truth acquisition becomes more narrowly focused.

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#7  Is it safe?
Posted by: Mullah Richard || 07/19/2016 13:20 Comments || Top||

#8  And the prize, IMO, goes to Mullah Richard!
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Turkey "coup": Tuesday a.m. quick update
Deputy mayor of Istanbul district shot dead in office

[IsraelTimes] A senior official working for Istanbul’s Sisli district city hall died Monday after two gunmen walked into his office and shot him in the head. Deputy Mayor in charge of Development Cemil Candas was rushed to a nearby hospital, but succumbed to his injuries afterwards. Police detained the two gunmen, who were taken out by the rear entrance.

Various reports inaccurately stated that Candas was Jewish. Sisli is home to some of Istanbul’s remaining Jews, as well as the Jewish newspaper and the Ottoman-Turkish Sephardic Culture Research Center. The Sisli municipality is run by the opposition Republican People’s Party, or CHP. The CHP condemned Friday’s attempted coup.

It was not immediately clear if the incident was related to the failed coup that has been roiling Turkey for the past several days.

The incident came after a shooting outside an Ankara courthouse and a reported bomb threat at the Turkish parliament, both on Monday, as the country remained gripped by violence.

WikiLeaks set to release documents on Turkey's power structure

[Ynet] WikiLeaks said on Monday that it was planning to release documents on Turkey's political power structure after the failed coup over the weekend.

"Get ready for a fight as we release 100k+ docs on #Turkey's political power structure," WikiLeaks posted on its Twitter feed.

Turkey gives new death toll in failed coup

[Ynet] A Turkish official says more than 190 citizens died, most of them military, and more than 1,400 people were wounded in Friday's failed coup attempt. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity in line with government rules, said the fatalities excluded "terrorists" in reference to those who acted against the government. At last count, government officials said at least 104 conspirators were killed in the unrest.

Attacker killed in shootout outside Ankara courthouse: Reports

[AlAhram] Turkish security forces on Monday killed an armed attacker who shot at them from a vehicle outside the Ankara courthouse where suspects from the failed coup were appearing before judges, reports said. AFP correspondents outside the courthouse -- where dozens of suspected coup plotters were having their first hearings -- reported hearing gunfire and scenes of panic as the clash erupted.

The Dogan news agency said the attacker was killed by police while two other people were arrested. It was not clear if the incident was linked to the coup but television reports said that the attacker was a soldier, without giving further details.

U.S. Consulate warns Americans to stay away from expected protest at Istanbul facility

[AlAhram] The U.S. Consulate General in Istanbul said on Monday it expected demonstrations near its facilities following an attempted military coup in Turkey on Friday and it warned American citizens to avoid the area. Turks have been marching and protesting in public places to demonstrate support for President Tayyip Erdogan since early Saturday morning following the attempted coup by a faction within the Turkish military.

On Twitter, some accounts urged followers to meet at the Consulate on Monday at 2:00 p.m. (1100 GMT).

The consulate and embassy in the Turkish capital Ankara have already cancelled visa appointments scheduled for Monday "due to recent events", according to the consulate's Twitter account.

EU official: Turkey prepared arrest lists before failed coup

[IsraelTimes] Commissioner says it’s damning that the names of thousands to be rounded up were immediately ‘available’

Turkey detains 103 generals, admirals in total after coup: state media

[AlAhram] Turkey has detained a total of 103 generals and admirals in the wake of the failed coup aimed at overthrowing President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, state media said on Monday.

Saudi Arabia detains Turkish army attache to Kuwait: Reports

[AlAhram] Saudi authorities have detained the Turkish military attache to Kuwait for his suspected involvement in a foiled coup against the rule of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, local media reported Monday. The attache, identified as Mikail Gullu, was arrested at an airport in the eastern Saudi city of Dammam as he attempted to board a flight to Germany, the reports said.

"Saudi authorities are holding the military attache for the Turkish embassy in Kuwait," the kingdom's Asharq Al-Awsat daily reported, quoting what it described as a foreign diplomatic source. "He was stopped based on a Turkish request and was detained during his attempt to flee over his likely links to the coup in Turkey."

The Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya news channel confirmed the report from "Saudi sources" adding that Gullu was heading to Dusseldorf in Germany via Amsterdam. Kuwait's Al-Qabas daily said that Gullu had fled Kuwait by land to Saudi Arabia.

Turkey's ambassador in Kuwait Salih Morat Tamer told Al-Qabas that Gullu is suspected of involvement in the coup attempt but stressed that "accusations against him are yet to be investigated once he is handed over to Turkey."

Annual leave for 3 million civil servants suspended

[DailyMail] Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim has suspended the annual leave of more than three million civil servants nationwide until further notice, according to a government order published on Monday. Civil servants already on leave will return to their posts as soon as possible, the order said.

The order, published in Turkey's Official Gazette, comes amid a wide-ranging government purge of the civil service, judiciary, police and armed forces following an abortive coup attempt by a faction of the army on Friday evening.

NATO Warns Turkey Could Be Kicked Out As Turkish Police Raid Base Used By US Army

[EXPRESS.CO.UK] TURKISH police have raided a NATO base used by the US Army days after a failed military coup, as the military alliance's top official issued a thinly-veiled warning that Turkey could be kicked out of the 28-member bloc.
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IED blast in Upper Dir kills seven
PESHAWAR: At least seven people were killed on Monday in an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) blast in Sheringal area of Upper Dir.

"A vehicle carrying seven persons was on route to Sheringal from Dogdara which hit the planted IED," said Gul Fazel, Station House Officer (SHO) Upper Dir.

According to police sources, the terrorists aimed to target a peace committee member. The peace committee member died while under treatment.

The area of the blast has been sealed and search operations are underway.

In June, a police official was killed and two others were injured when an IED targeting a police patrol exploded on the outskirts of Peshawar.

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Suspected terror middleman remanded in police custody
[Indian Express] The suspected middleman of Pakistain-based terror outfits such as Jaish-e-Mohammed and Hizbul Mujahideen, who was locked away
Maw! They're comin' to get me, Maw!
on Sunday near the Indo-Bangladesh border, was produced at the court on Monday and had been sent for a 10-day police custody.

Abdul Baqi Mondal was hiding in Matia, a village near the Indo-Bangladesh border at Basirhat in South-24 Parganas district, when the police a special team raided it following a tip-off. They also seized 30 kg marijuana from his hideout.

"We have leads on his involvement in the infiltration racket and are also investigating his role, if any, in the recent terror attack in Bangladesh," a senior district official said.

SP Bhaskar Mukherjee said Mondal had been active in the border areas after he secured a bail from the Delhi High Court in the Ayodhya blast case. He had spent seven years in Tihar jail before being released.

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Eight CRPF commandos killed in IED blast in Bihar
[Indian Express] At least eight CRPF commandos belonging to its elite COBRA battalion late Monday were killed in a Naxal IED blast in the jungles of Bihar’s Aurangabad district, officials said.

The jawans of the COBRA unit were ambushed in the IED blast after which an encounter started between the two resulting in the killing of three naxals, they said.

The incident was reported from Chakarbanda forests of the said district, bordering Imamganj.

Some arms and ammunition were also recovered from the site.
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Pakistan: Seven of anti-Taliban peace committee killed in remote-controlled blast
[Indian Express] Seven people, all members of an anti-Taliban peace committee, were killed on Monday when their car was targeted with a remote control bomb in Pakistain’s northwest tribal region near the border with Afghanistan.

The incident occurred in mountainous Dogdara area of the Upper Dir district in the Pakhtunkhwa province bordering Afghanistan.

Those killed in Dir upper blast were members of an anti-Taliban peace committee and included a local councilor named Zakir Shah.

A remote-controlled bomb, planted in the double cabin vehicle, went off, killing seven people. No occupant of the vehicle survived.

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Iraqi forces capture village in Ninevah
(IraqiNews.com) Nineveh – Media officials with the Ministry of Defense announced the liberation of a village in Qayyarah south of Mosul from the ISIS control.

The officials, in a statement, said, “Troops of the army’s 37th brigade, 72nd brigade and the 15th regiment on Monday carried out a security operation and liberated al-Awsaja village in Qayyarah area south of Mosul from the ISIS control.”

The statement added, “The village is fully liberated and the Iraqi flag was raised over its buildings.”
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4 wounded as tribes square off in Maysan
(IraqiNews.com) Maysan – A source in Maysan Province informed of four casualties in a tribal dispute south of al-Amarah city in Maysan.

According to information shared by the source, it was stated, “A tribal dispute erupted at noon today between two tribes who used light and medium weapons. The dispute occurred at Sodour al-Majar (25 km south of al-Amarah) and it resulted in the killing of one person and wounding of three others.”

The source added, “Security forces rushed to the area and transferred the wounded to al-Amarah General Hospital and the dead body to the forensic department.”
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Iraqi Jailhouse stories: 114+ detained
More than 100 persons arrested on criminal and terrorism charges in Wasit

(IraqiNews.com) Wasit – Wasit Police Command announced arresting more than 100 persons wanted on criminal and terrorism charges during a raid and search operation in the province.

The province’s Police Chief General Qassim Rashed Zowaied in a statement, said, “Police forces conducted a raid and search operation at different areas of the province and successfully arrested 101 persons on different charges.”

Zowaied added, “The arrested included persons wanted on charges of terrorism. The arrests were carried out based on judicial arrest warrants.”

14 detained on terrorism charges in Babel

(IraqiNews.com) Babel – Babel Governor Sadiq Madloul al-Sultani announced that the security forces have arrested 14 displaced persons on charges of terrorism during a security operation at different areas of the province.

Sultani,in a press statement, said, “The National Security, Intelligence service, Babel Police and the province’s city hall have a comprehensive database and information about the number of displaced persons in the province,” adding, “Information revealed that 14 displaced persons were wanted on charges of terrorism in the province.”

Sultani added, “A joint security force managed to arrest the wanted persons after raiding their houses in the province.”
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10 ISIS Bad Guys bereft of life in airstrike
(IraqiNews.com) KIRKUK- A security source in Kirkuk province on Monday announced that ten ISIS members were killed in aerial bombardment targeted at a gathering of the organization, south-west of the province.

The source, revealing details about the attack, said, “The Iraqi Air Force warplanes and the international coalition aviation today targeted an ISIS gathering in al-Halawat village and the headquarters of Shariah Court in Hawija district- 55 km southwest of Kirkuk. The strike killed ten members of the organization.”

The source, seeking anonymity said, “The strike carried was out in coordination with the Iraqi Intelligence Services, which identified the ISIS sites.”
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IED detonates at judge's residence in Basra
(IraqiNews.com) Basra – Basra Provincial Council revealed that the residence of one of Basra Court of Appeal’s judges was attacked by an improvised explosive device in the center of the city.

The Head of the security committee in Basra Provincial Council Jabbar al-Saedi in a statement, said, “An improvised explosive device exploded at noon today near the residence of Ali al-Kaabi, a judge at the Court of Appeal in al-Mohandessin neighborhood in central Basra. No casualties was reported.”

Saedi added, “Judge Ali al-Kaabi, in the past, has issued a number of arrest warrants against several criminals.”
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Iraqi kops detain suicide bomber in Baqubah
(IraqiNews.com) Diyala – Diyala Police Command announced, that security forces arrested a suicide bomber wearing an explosive belt while he was trying to blow himself up in northern Baqubah.

Diyala police spokesperson Colonel Ghalib al-Attiya in a press statement said, “Security forces from Diyala Police Command managed, at noon today, to arrest a suicide bomber who was wearing an explosive belt while he was trying to blow himself up at al-Salam, 20 km in northern Baqubah).”

Attiya added, “The suicide bomber came from Baghdad and confessed that he was intending to blow up himself near gatherings of civilians in the province.”
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The Beatings Will Continue: Iraqi Edition

ISIS "recruits" 20,000 families to help with Mosul defenses

(IraqiNews.com) Anbar – Qaim District Council in Anbar Province revealed, that the ISIS has detained around 20,000 families in order to use them as human shields in al-Qaim District west of Anbar.

The Head of al-Qaim Council Nazim Bardan in a statement said, “ISIS has detained around 20,000 inside Qaim district and plans to use them as human shields. It took control of the district two years ago.”

“The terror outfit also threatened to kill anyone who tried to escape the district,” the statement further added.

“Dozens of civilians were killed by ISIS while they tried to escape from Qaim, breaking ISIS stronghold, in the past,” Bardan concluded.

Mosul residents fight with ISIS troops
The main issue: who is going to be in the front echelon
(IraqiNews.com) NINEVEH- A local source in Nineveh province announced on Sunday that armed clashes have erupted between Mosul denizens and ISIS members and further informed that the denizens raised the Iraqi flag and killed about four ISIS members.

Informing in details about the incident, the source seeking anonymity said, “The residents of Bab al-Jadid in the center of Nineveh, this evening, took up arms against the ISIS members and killed two of its members apart from destroying two cars of the organization.”

Informing more, the source said, “The residents of Hamam al-Alil city clashed with ISIS fighters in the city center-25 km south of Nineveh-and gunned down three fighters.”

Civilians told to avoid ISIS headquarters
Those aren't really covered dish dinner invites
(IraqiNews.com) Anbar – Media officials with the Ministry of Defense announced that the Iraqi Air Force dropped thousands of leaflets at areas west of Anbar and southwest of Kirkuk, urging citizens to stay away from ISIS headquarters.

The officials, in a press statement, said, “Today, Iraqi Air Force aircraft dropped thousands of leaflets at Rawa, Aana and Qaim west of Anbar and also at Hawija southwest of Kirkuk and al-Riyad in western the city. The leaflets carried a warning for the ISIS members active in these areas and urged the citizens to stay away from ISIS headquarters.”

Woman, child die of starvation escaping ISIS control

(IraqiNews.com) ERBIL- An official in Peshmerga forces confirmed on Monday the killing of a woman and her two children due to starvation during their escape from areas under ISIS control at west of Makhmour.

Peshmerga press officer in Makhmour, Ahmed Anwar said, “A woman and her two children died due to hunger and thirst during their escape from areas under ISIS control at west of Makhmour.”

Anwar added, “This happened before their arrival in the areas under the control of the Peshmerga forces in Makhmour.”

It may be noted here that thousands of citizens have sought refuge during in the recent times at areas under the control of the Peshmerga in Makhmour.”

Strange disease spread among ISIS ranks in Sharqat
The disease: Bring-out-yer-dead itis
(IraqiNews.com) BAGHDAD – The leadership of al-Hashed al-Sha’abi forces, Jabbar Maamouri announced on Monday about the spreading of a strange disease among the ranks of ISIS fighters in Shirqat at north of Salahuddin.

Maamouri, in a press statement, said, “A strange disease recently has begun to circulate among the ranks of ISIS militants in Shirqat at north of Salahuddin, prompting the organization to detain more than 10 armed men and take them to an unknown destination according to the available intelligence information.”

Maamouri added that, “The families of the militants, who were detained due to illness, have begun asking for the fate of their relatives which created a heated exchange between the two parties that could escalate at any moment.”

Sharqat has been subjected to the control of ISIS since June 2014. It is the most important ISIS stronghold in Salahuddin province.
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#1  Probably leishmaniasis, a protozoan parisite that debilitates and is long lasting.
Posted by: Whavise Wheque2596 || 07/19/2016 10:00 Comments || Top||

#2  Leprosy. ;-)
Posted by: trailing wife || 07/19/2016 12:28 Comments || Top||

#3  The folks around al Qaim, for the most part, weren't too bad according to our family Marine who spent considerable time in the villages during 2004-6.

They weren't that interested in the AQI types at the time. They just wanted to buy and sell their sheep (and smuggle stuff in and out of Syria).

He did say that it was truly the 'Wild West' of Iraq.
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Salahuddin Kombat Kourier
7 ISIS Bad Guys die in firefight

(IraqiNews.com) Salahuddin – A security source in Salahuddin Province revealed that in a gunfight between the joint forces and the ISIS fighters in eastern Tikrit, seven (7) ISIS members were killed whereas three (3 ) policemen and four (4) Al-Hashd Al-Sha’abi members received injuries.

Sharing details about the incident, the source said, “Yesterday, armed clashes broke out between the security forces comprising men from the police and Al-Hashd Al-Sha’abi and ISIS. The clashes broke out after a number of ISIS members sneaked into the front lines of the security forces in Alas oil fields- 40 km in eastern Tikrit. In the fierce gunfight, seven ISIS members were killed and three policemen and four Al-Hashd Al-Sha’abi members received serious injuries.”

The source added, “The joint security forces also managed, this morning, to repulse the attack backed by the Iraqi Aviation.”
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Anbar Antics: 81 die

5 ISIS Bad Guys have a Very Bad Day

(IraqiNews.com) ANBAR – The commander of Anbar Operations Maj. Gen. Ismail Mahlawi announced on Sunday that five terrorists were killed in shelling at northern Ramadi.

Mahlawi, in press statement, said, “A force of the Tenth Army Division shelled a terrorist hideout north of Albu-Thiyab in northern Ramadi. The hideout was destroyed completely and five ISIS fighters, inside the hideout, were also killed.”

It may be mentioned here that the commander of al-Jazeera Operations, Maj. Gen. Qassim al-Muhammadi announced on Sunday about the beginning of liberalization operation of al-Doulab area, in which tribal fighters and International Coalition Aviation have also participated.

73 ISIS Fighters die in al-Doulab fighting

(IraqiNews.com) ANBAR – The commander of the Seventh Army Division in Anbar province, Maj. Gen. Naumann Abdul- Zobaie on Monday announced about liberating al-Doulab and raising the Iraqi flag there.

Zobaie, in press statement, said, “The troops of the Seventh Army Division along with the tribal fighters and International Coalition Aviation liberated al-Doulab today. al-Doulab is 70 km west of Ramadi.”

“Our forces also gunned down 73 ISIS fighters, destroyed three wheels and dismantled 500 explosive devices,” Zobaie further added in the statement.

It may be mentioned here that army troops of Seventh Division and tribal fighters began al-Doulab’s liberation operation on Sunday. The area is situated west of Heet city.

3 Iraqi kops die in ISIS attack at al-Rathba

(IraqiNews.com) ANBAR- Security Advisor to Anbar Governor Aziz Khalaf Trmoz on Monday announced about the fall of dead and wounded in a suicide bombing in al-Rathba, followed by ISIS attack from four axes.

Trmoz, in a press statement, said, “A suicide bomber, driving a vehicle, blew himself up today inside al-Rathba city (310 km west of Ramadi), killing three policemen and wounding five civilians.”

Trmoz added that, “ISIS attacked the city from four axes by suicide bombers and booby-trapped vehicles.”

It may be mentioned here that the security forces and clans have been controlling al-Rathba city after its liberation from ISIS two months ago.

ISIS Top Dawg pining for the fjords

(IraqiNews.com) Anbar – A source in Anbar Operations Command stated on Monday that ISIS Mufti of Rawa along with four of his aides was killed in an air strike carried out by the Army Aviation west of Anbar.

According to information shared by the source,it was mentioned, “The Iraqi Army Aviation on today carried out an air strike targeting an ISIS gathering at Rawa district, resulting in the death of ISIS Mufti of Rawa Abu Hajar, along with four of his aides.”

The source added, “The air strike also resulted in the destruction of four vehicles carrying rockets launchers, two mono machine guns, in addition to a cache of weapons, rockets and mortar shells.”

Iraqi forces drive back ISIS attack in al-Rathba

(IraqiNews.com) ANBAR- Mayor of al-Rathba, Imad al-Dulaimi, declared in Anbar province on Monday that an ISIS attack on the city was pushed back and further added that the organization suffered a heavy of loss of men and vehicles.

Dulaimi, in a press statement, said, “The federal police forces and tribal fighters pushed back an ISIS attack that was aimed at al-Rathba city -310 km west of Ramadi.”

Al-Dulaimi added, “The enemy suffered heavy material and human loss. Aprt from the destruction of two booby-trapped vehicles, two ISIS suicide bombers were also killed. The dead bombers were wearing explosive belts. The rest of the terrorists were forced to withdraw.”
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Baghdad bomb and Bullet Bulletin: 1 dead
Fire involves market in Shula

(IraqiNews.com) BAGHDAD- A source in the police announced on Monday that the fire broke out inside a popular market in Shula, north of Baghdad.

Revealing details the source said, “Fire broke out inside a popular market in Shula district and a result of it a number of shops and recording materials were gutted in fire.”

Baghdad and several provinces are experiencing several fires from time to time, especially in government departments and large commercial markets, while civil defense teams attribute the majority of them to the occurrence of electrical faults.

1 Iraqi soldiers dies in bomb attack in al-Dawra

(IraqiNews.com) Baghdad – A source in the Iraqi Ministry of Interior stated, that a bomb blast targeting an army vehicle in southern Baghdad resulted in six casualties.

According to information shared by the source, it was stated, “This morning, an improvised explosive device exploded which was targeted on an army patrol while it was passing through Arab Jabour village in al-Dawra in southern Baghdad. One army man was killed and five others were injured in the blast and the vehicle in which they were travelling was also damaged.”

“Ambulances rushed to the area and evacuated the wounded to a nearby hospital and transferred the dead body to the forensic department,” the source added.
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Hamas terrorist killed in tunnel collapse, West Bank stab attacker dies of wounds
[Ynet] A Hamas, always the voice of sweet reason, tunnel collapsed in the Gazoo Strip on Monday night, killing a Hamas terrorist and wounding two others. The tunnel was located in the Khan Yunis area near the Strip’s southern border. It is unclear whether the tunnel was for being dug for offensive or defensive purposes.
Update from The Times of Israel at 2:00 a.m. ET:
Islamic Jihad
...created after many members of the Egyptian Moslem Brotherhood decided the organization was becoming too moderate. Operations were conducted out of Egypt until 1981 when the group was exiled after the assassination of President Anwar Sadat. They worked out of Gaza until they were exiled to Lebanon in 1987, where they clove tightly to Hezbollah. In 1989 they moved to Damascus, where they remain a subsidiary of Hezbollah...
man killed as Gazoo tunnel collapses. Two others said injured in accident, the 14th reported cave-in of terror infrastructure this year. Islamic Jihad said on its website that 28-year-old Ibrahim Hussein al-Masri was a member of the al-Quds Brigades, the group’s armed wing.
Gazans dig. It's a jihadi thing.
Terrorist who stabbed two soldiers near Gush Etzion declared dead

[Ynet] The terrorist who carried out a stabbing attack on Monday morning on two IDF soldiers near the El Arub refugee camp has been pronounced dead hours after the attack. He was taken to hospital in critical condtion after one of the soldiers managed to shoot him and eventually succumbed to his wounds.
The Times of Israel adds:
The Paleostinian man who stabbed two IDF soldiers Monday is identified by Paleostinian officials as Mustafa Brad’aih, the brother of another Paleostinian man who was killed in April in a similar stabbing attack against IDF troops. His brother, Ibrahim Brad’aih, 54, a resident of Al-Aroub, attacked an IDF soldier with an ax on April 14 and was shot and killed by soldiers nearby. The soldier was unharmed.
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IDF razes home of accused accomplice in Jerusalem attack
[IsraelTimes] IDF soldiers descended on the West Bank town of Qabatiya, near Jenin, early Monday morning and destroyed the home of a Paleostinian accused of being an accomplice in an attack that killed a border policewoman in Jerusalem, the army said.

Balal Abu Zeid allegedly supplied a gun and drove the attackers who killed Hadar Cohen, 19, in a shooting and stabbing attack at the Damascus Gate of the Old City in February.

The three attackers who carried out the attack were armed with rifles, knives and two pipe bombs. They were killed by police at the scene, and their families’ homes were destroyed in April.

During the pre-dawn IDF operation, Paleostinians rioted and attacked the soldiers with guns and explosives. The troops shot three gunnies, the army said in a statement, without elaborating on the nature of the injuries sustained by the three. There were no reports of injuries to Israeli forces.

The apartment, which was on the second floor of a two-story building, was destroyed, but the main structure was left intact.

Earlier this month the High Court of Justice rejected an appeal by Abu Zeid’s father against the demolition of the home, where the alleged accomplice lived with his parents and siblings, including two minors.

In their decision, the High Court justices wrote that Abu Zeid played a "very significant role" in the attack.

During his testimony, Abu Zeid confessed to aiding the attackers but said he had declined to join them in carrying out the attack. "I refused and told them that I wanted to stay alive and kill Jews," he was quoted as saying.

Cohen, the border guard, died hours after being shot in the head and stabbed in the neck. She had been drafted into the Border Police only two months earlier, and was still in training at the time of the attack. Two other policewomen were maimed.

Cohen was part of a three-member squad that spotted the three Paleostinians behaving suspiciously and asked to see their identification papers. As one attacker withdrew his ID card, the others opened fire and pulled out knives to attack the officers.

According to police, Cohen managed to return fire before she was mortally maimed, despite being surprised by the attackers.

Israel frequently demolishes the family homes of accused attackers, but rarely does so for accomplices in attacks. Rights groups have argued the measure is unlawful, but Israel says it deters would-be attackers.

In other overnight activities Sunday, security forces seized a pistol and ammunition in the West Bank city of Hebron.
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Southeast Asia
Suspected Abu Sayyaf member arrested in Tipo-Tipo
[INTERAKSYON] Reports reaching Manila indicated that a suspected member of the Al-Qaeda linked Abu Sayyaf
...also known as al-Harakat al-Islamiyya, an Islamist terror group based in Jolo, Basilan and Zamboanga. Since its inception in the early 1990s, the group has carried out bombings, kidnappings, murders, head choppings, and extortion in their uniquely Islamic attempt to set up an independent Moslem province in the Philippines. Abu Sayyaf forces probably number less than 300 cadres. The group is closely allied with remnants of Indonesia's Jemaah Islamiya and has loose ties with MILF and MNLF who sometimes provide cannon fodder...
Group (ASG) was tossed in the calaboose
You have the right to remain silent...
Sunday afternoon by combined police and military operatives during manhunt operation in Tipo-Tipo, Basilan
...Basilan is a rugged, jungle-covered island in the southern Philippines. It is a known stronghold of the Abu Sayyaf, bandidos, and maybe even orcs. Most people with any sense travel with armed escorts...
The Director of the Philippine National Police (PNP) Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG), Chief Supt. Roel Obusan, cited reports from the field identifying the arrested person as Hadji Biki Abdala alias 'Hadji Hassan'.

Obusan said that Abdala or Hadji Hassan was collared by forces from the Western Mindanao Regional command based in Zamboanga City.

Abdala is wanted by authorities for nine counts of murder.

According to CIDG regional chief Senior Supt. John Guyguyon, Adbdala had been elusive in several entrapment operations launched against him.

"But this time, we were able to corner and arrest him," Guyguyon.

The ASG operates mainly in Basilan and Sulu, and has been involved in high-profile kidnappings of local and foreign victims.

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Indonesia's ISIS-linked, most wanted terrorist dead
[RAPPLER] Indonesia's most wanted terrorist may have been killed after a shootout between the murderous Moslem Mujahidin Indonesia Timur
....the 'Holy Warriors of East Indonesia.' An umbrella group active in the Poso area of Sulawesi. They are headed by Shaykh Abu Wardah, aka Santoso who calls himself the Abu Mus'ab al-Zarqawi of Indonesia. Every once in awhile they chop somebody's head off or blow something up, but other than that they're not much of a threat to civilization as we know it..
(MIT or East Indonesia Mujahideen) and task force Tinombala.

Santoso, alias Abu Wardah, who leads MIT, is believed to be one of those who died on Monday, July 18. MIT has pledged allegiance to ISIS and has grabbed credit for past terror attacks.

Central Sulawesi Police Chief, who also serves as head of Tinombala Task Force, Brigadier General Rudy Sufahriadi was not willing to confirm the death just yet, but he confirmed a gunbattle ensued.

"Our members were involved in a gun fight. Two men died," he told Rappler, adding they retrieved an M16.

The bodies have been brought back for identification.

Sufahriadi did say however that some characteristics fit that of Santoso's.

"We do not know the identities. Our members said one had a mole on the cheek. Santoso has a mole," he said.

Earlier, former police chief, Gen. Badrodin Haiti said the distance between the members of the task force group and that of Santoso's was only a few kilometers, but forests are dense in Poso where the fight took place.

If Santoso was indeed one of the casualties, his death would be a success for the country's counterterrorism efforts as police and military have tried for many years to find him.

The threat posed by ISIS in Southeast Asia is comparatively small, but real, and it has the potential to become larger if not addressed properly. It is clear that ISIS reinvigorated existing terror networks in the region.

In the region, the center is Indonesia, the world’s 3rd largest democracy with more than 250 million people, the lynchpin of Southeast Asia. It also has the world’s largest Moslem population and has suffered the deadliest terrorist attacks in the region since the Bali bombings in 2002.

They were carried out by Jemaah Islamiyah and its offshoot groups, homegrown gunnies with funding, training and inspiration from al-Qaeda. Its latest incarnation is ISIS.

Since January, two bombings have taken place in Indonesia, at least one of which has been claimed by ISIS.
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#1  Following World War II Mohammed Natsir, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, along with other Ikhwan, led the Masjumi Party (Consultaive Council of Indonesia Muslims) in the drive for independence. The Netherland ceded sovereignty and the Repbulic of Indonesia was born in 1949. The following year Natsir served as Prime Minister of Indonesia. The Ikhwan then worked openly in the country. It was directly involved in a number of health and education projects and funded Muslim institutions. The Ikhwan was rejected in 1950 when Natsir failed in an effort to have Indonesia named an Islamic Republic.
From that day to this the Indonesia military has been (as Turkey once was) the guardian of an Islamic yet secular state. Thus far it has succeeded in countering the terrorist efforts of various Islamo-Salafist movements.
Posted by: Whavise Wheque2596 || 07/19/2016 10:28 Comments || Top||

#2  Thank you, Whavise Wheque2596. That's useful information, indeed.
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Syrian rebels launch new attack on Aleppo
Beirut-Syrian Opposition forces line up in preparation to launch the attack which would free supply routes to Aleppo clogged by regime forces to salvage besieged civilians inside.

Bashar al-Assad’s regime on Sunday had tightened its grip around opposition-held eastern Aleppo neighborhoods, which forced the hand of opposition forces to find a military plan to be carried on as of Monday.

A prominent military commander at Jaish al-Fatah (JaF), otherwise named Army of Conquest, told Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper that the plan to relief eastern neighborhoods was developed after a Saturday meeting which brought together all JaF faction representatives.

The decision was made to launch a total battle across Aleppo, which kicked off Saturday evening.

The commander said that Assad’s regime had advanced on the Lattakia rural area axis, which has forced JaF forces to relocate their combatants to the battle zone as to restore control over lost territory.

The source later added that the units had returned to Aleppo Sunday afternoon in preparation to launch the offensive to free Aleppo city from regime grip.

The source said that the Aleppo military offensive depends on direct man to man combat and the rule out of air power and tanks. Considered critical and all-decisive, all JaF forces will be partaking at the Aleppo offensive.

Aleppo enjoys great political and military significance and specifics that come to play– all parties involved in the Syria civil war are present at the area and are considerably influential.

Regime forces, Sunday morning, advanced to cut off the last supply route leading into the eastern Aleppo neighborhoods which are packed with thousands of civilians.

Castello Road, the only route into the city’s east, is now mostly in the hands of Assad-loyal forces, with pro-opposition neighborhoods in eastern Aleppo completely besieged.

The road has been under constant strikes from forces loyal to Assad’s regime.

Delivering aid throughout Syria was already extremely challenging, but with the regime cutting off Castello Road, delivering humanitarian aid to eastern Aleppo has been rendered nearly impossible, aid workers say.

Aleppo has seen many of its neighborhoods come under fire for 80 consecutive days, with more than 6,000 civilians killed or injured, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

It said opposition-held areas in the east of the city have come under sustained attack by regime artillery and airstrikes.
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Reduction of Manbij pocket to take time
[ARA News] QAMISHLI – As Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) entered western Manbij, Syria, and pushed toward the heart of the city to hit ISIS there, “the operation will still take time due to huge number of explosives,” a U.S. Central Command spokesman said in a press conference.

“The battle to retake Manbij [border pocket] has become an urban fight,” Air Force Col. Pat Ryder told reporters, with advancing SDF fighters maneuvering through “countless snipers and explosive belts.”

In some areas, the SDF has encountered as many as 600 improvised explosive devices, Ryder noted, calling it “a defensive tactic frequently employed by ISIL [ISIS] enemy fighters”.

“The SDF so far [has] been addressing this threat effectively [by] approaching the bombs cautiously and with an acknowledgement that the explosives can impact the city’s civilian population,” he said.

The improvised explosives have cost a lot of casualties among fighters from the Syrian Democratic Forces.

On Monday, it became known that local reporter Mustafa Mohammed of Ronahi TV died from his injurie. He and Kendal Cudi, a reporter for Hawar News, were injured in a mine explosion on 13 July near Manbij.

“And similar to other urban fights such as those in Kobane and Ramadi, the battle for Manbij will be a conducted in a slow pace to liberate the city and its people,” the colonel said. “It will take time, it will not be easy, and we are confident that the SDF will eventually take back the city and seize this key terrain from ISIL,” Ryder emphasised.

“ISIL once measured its success by the amount of territory it controlled and the rapid pace of their offensive operations to seize ground,” the CENTCOM spokesman said. “But the territory that ISIL holds continues to shrink as the terrorist organization finds itself continually squeezed on multiple fronts by indigenous counter-ISIL forces and coalition airpower.”

“These forces fighting ISIL are moving at a deliberate, steady and sustainable pace across the battlespace, enabled by the coalition’s consistent support from our considerable capabilities on the ground, sea, air and space,” Ryder said.
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ISIS troops capture Syrian Army checkpoints in Homs
The game of Islamic whack a mole continues
[ARA News] HOMS – Militant fighters of the Islamic State (ISIS) seized control of some seven army checkpoints after clashes with pro-regime troops in Syria’s central Homs province, activists reported on Monday.

ISIS militants bombed Syrian army checkpoints with mortar shells, then clashes broke out and led to the dead and injury of dozens on both sides.

“The clashes centred in the area stretching from the al-Maqfar village to the Aqareb al-Safi district in Homs countryside, where ISIS was able to seize control of seven checkpoints from the pro-regime forces,” media activist Hamid al-Ali told ARA News in Homs.

“The group [ISIS] also seized a large deal of ammunitions after the withdrawal of the Syrian army troops from the area,” the source reported.

In the meantime, a Syrian army officer, who spoke to ARA News on condition of anonymity, confirmed the death of 16 of their soldiers in Homs clashes on Monday.

“The offensive came as a surprise. The terror group [ISIS] launched simultaneous attacks on our security checkpoints in the countryside of Homs,” the army official said. “After evacuating the area, our forces started to regroup in preparation for attacking ISIS terrorists and regain the lost checkpoints.”
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Coalition raids kill 21 civilians in IS stronghold in Syria
[Al Ahram] Air strikes by the US-led coalition killed at least 21 civilians in and around a stronghold of the Islamic State
...formerly ISIS or ISIL, depending on your preference. Before that al-Qaeda in Iraq, as shaped by Abu Musab Zarqawi. They're very devout, committing every atrocity they can find in the Koran and inventing a few more. They fling Allah around with every other sentence, but to hear the pols talk they're not really Moslems....
group in northern Syria on Monday, a monitor said.

At least 15 non-combatants were killed in raids in a northern district of Manbij while six others were killed in a village near the city, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The holy warrior bastion has faced a more than month-long US-backed offensive by Kurdish and Arab fighters that has caused thousands of civilians to flee.
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