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Talibs behead female volleyball player, post photos online
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-Great Cultural Revolution
Book Review: 'I Can't Breathe' - David Horowitz delivers a new masterpiece on the racial hoax that is killing America.
[FrontPage] After a few years of the widespread tearing-down of statues honoring American heroes such as the Great Emancipator Abraham Lincoln, Founding Father George Washington, and anti-slavery giant Frederick Douglass, recently a few new statues went up for a change. Massive golden busts of the late, far-left Congressman John Lewis and Black Lives Matter icons George Floyd and Breonna Taylor were erected in Manhattan's Union Square.

Lewis arguably achieved something in his life — albeit in the service of communism. Floyd and Taylor, however, are being venerated not because of any extraordinary accomplishments, but because their deaths in police-involved incidents were successfully exploited by the Marxist revolutionaries of Black Lives Matter to inflame racial rage and demonize police officers all across the country as genocidal bigots, even though there is zero evidence that racism was a factor in either death. Floyd, now an international symbol of racist police brutality, was an inveterate criminal and drug addict who died of a fentanyl overdose while being restrained by police for resisting arrest. Breonna Taylor died when police who were entering her darkened apartment with a search warrant returned fire after her drug-dealing boyfriend began shooting at them.
Posted by: Besoeker || 10/22/2021 01:42 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [111 views] Top|| File under:

Are Pakistan and the Afghan Taliban drifting apart?
[DW] Pakistain has historically been supportive of the Taliban
...mindless ferocity in a turban...
and has maintained good ties with the group, but a rift in relations has begun to appear in the past few months. What are the reasons behind it?

"They [the Taliban] won't turn against Islamabad. The are basically Pakistain's proxies," the expert said.
In late September, a little over a month after taking control of the Afghan capital, Kabul, Taliban fighters stopped a Pak truck at the Torkham border crossing and removed the country's flag from it.
Continued on Page 49
Posted by: trailing wife || 10/22/2021 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [171 views] Top|| File under: Govt of Pakistan

#1  No they're still and will be joined at the hip.
Posted by: Wren || 10/22/2021 13:19 Comments || Top||

#2  They're both wedded to the Moslem prime directive. Either you convert, pay the jizya, or be killed. That's all you need to know about Moslems.
Posted by: jpal || 10/22/2021 16:47 Comments || Top||

Caucasus/Russia/Central Asia
Vladimir Putin slams 'monstrous' West for teaching children they can change their gender, saying it is 'close to a crime against humanity'
[Daily Mail, where America gets its news]
  • The Russian leader launched an attack on LGBT attitudes in the West

  • He said children are pushed to believe they have a choice in their gender

  • Putin has faced fierce criticism for banning 'gay propaganda' in Russia

Considerably more courtesy of badanov:
Putin said that moving away from concepts of different genders in the West can break life
Direct Translation via Google Translate. Edited.
by Dmitry Feoktistov
[TASS] Russian President Vladimir Putin considers it monstrous that in the West children are taught that a boy can become a girl and vice versa. The Russian leader said this during the Valdai Forum in Sochi.
He ain't wrong.
Putin is surprised that moving away from concepts such as "mom" and "dad" of different genders is perceived in the West as progress.

"As a matter of fact, children are taught the choice that everyone has. Forcing the child to make a decision that could ruin his life. And they do not even consult with child psychologists, whether the child is able to make such decisions or not. These are just crimes against humanity. And everything is under the banner of progress," the Russian leader said.

On October 18-21, 2021, Sochi is hosting the XVIII Annual Meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club. Putin has traditionally met with forum participants since its inception in 2004.

Putin's main statements at Valdai are broadcast by Gazeta.Ru.

Putin said about the harm of revolutions

[VK] Revolutions are caused by the crisis, but they are not able to solve it. This was announced on October 21 by Russian President Vladimir Putin at a plenary session of the Valdai International Discussion Club, a REGNUM correspondent reports.

According to the Russian leader, the revolution only exacerbates the problems in the country. To prove his words, he cited the events that took place in the Russian Empire in 1917 and in the USSR in 1991.

“To break is not to build. And we in Russia are well aware of this - more than 100 years ago, Russia objectively experienced serious problems, but no more than other countries, and maybe on a smaller scale, and could gradually solve them. But the revolutionary upheavals led to the breakdown, the disintegration of the great country.

History repeated itself 30 years ago, when a potentially powerful power did not embark on the path of flexible, but thoughtful transformations in time and as a result fell victim to dogmatists of various kinds and reactionaries and so-called progressives - everyone tried, on both sides.

A revolution is not a way out of a crisis, but an aggravation of the crisis, ”Putin said.
Posted by: Skidmark || 10/22/2021 00:58 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [265 views] Top|| File under:

#1  gotta go with putin o this 1
Posted by: Chris || 10/22/2021 1:05 Comments || Top||

#2  Putin is surprised that moving away from concepts such as "mom" and "dad" of different genders is perceived in the West as progress.

If he actually lived here, watched American television and media reporting, or had experienced our educational system, I doubt he'd be very "surprised."

Posted by: Besoeker || 10/22/2021 1:21 Comments || Top||

#3  Putin has faced fierce criticism for banning 'gay propaganda' in Russia

The ban on gay propaganda is hard coded Russian law, not solely Putin's doing.
Posted by: badanov || 10/22/2021 1:35 Comments || Top||

#4  He's making far more sense than any western leader now.
Posted by: Merrick Ferret || 10/22/2021 1:58 Comments || Top||

#5  He's not wrong.
Posted by: Too Old To Work || 10/22/2021 7:19 Comments || Top||

#6  Vlad engages the easy, 25m targets.
Posted by: Besoeker || 10/22/2021 7:20 Comments || Top||

#7  Notice how AIDS has disappeared. Not a word. The silence is deafening.
Posted by: Dale || 10/22/2021 7:52 Comments || Top||

#8  Dear Putie, they're the Marxists your people let loose upon the world.
Posted by: Procopius2k || 10/22/2021 9:21 Comments || Top||

#9  #7 Notice how AIDS has disappeared. Not a word. The silence is deafening.

Fauci faucked up that one, too
Posted by: Merrick Ferret || 10/22/2021 9:29 Comments || Top||

#10  "History repeated itself 30 years ago, when a potentially powerful power did not embark on the path of flexible, but thoughtful transformations in time and as a result fell victim to dogmatists of various kinds and reactionaries and so-called progressives ..."

1917 and 1981 in Russia - and now repeating the pattern yet again, in our Woke USSA.

Plugs combines Brezhnev's senility with Nicholas II's cruelty & stupidity
Posted by: Merrick Ferret || 10/22/2021 9:35 Comments || Top||

#11  *1917 and 1991 in Russia
Posted by: Merrick Ferret || 10/22/2021 9:35 Comments || Top||

#12  The only supreme leader in the world with common sense.
Posted by: Wren || 10/22/2021 13:17 Comments || Top||

#13  Man I'm a psychic."Are covid “vaccines” giving people AIDS? Immune system functions are dropping around 5% EACH WEEK in those who were vaccinated"
Posted by: Dale || 10/22/2021 14:20 Comments || Top||

#14  Well, when someone is right; they are right.
Posted by: swksvolFF || 10/22/2021 18:07 Comments || Top||

Russian test maneuvers in southern Russia
Direct Translation via Google Translate. Edited.

Found via B Kontakte page of Militant Informant

[VK] Tankers of the Southern Military District in a training battle were supported by mobile fire groups operating on armored vehicles.

Tankers of the 150th Motorized Rifle Division of the Southern Military District (YuVO) in the exercise in the Rostov region were supported by mobile fire groups operating on armored vehicles.

At the combined-arms training ground, the Kadamovsky units of the guards tank regiment, in cooperation with the crews of unmanned aerial vehicles, suppressed the fire weapons of the imaginary enemy.

To inflict a sudden fire defeat in a defensive tank battle, for the first time, "nomadic" fire weapons were used, mortars 2S12 "Sani", automatic easel grenade launchers AGS-17, mounted on armored tractors MT-LB.

As part of the reconnaissance and fire complex, sniper pairs armed with high-powered ASVK-M rifles also operated.

Fire support for the tankers was provided by the attached crews of the Mi-35M and Mi-28N army aviation helicopters.

The exercise took place within the framework of a bilateral command and staff exercise (KSHU) for command and control of the district's troops in the South-Western strategic direction under the leadership of the commander of the Southern Military District, Army General Alexander Dvornikov.

In total, within the framework of the command and control system, about 8,000 servicemen were involved in practical actions at 25 training grounds in the Southern Military District, about 350 units of weapons and military equipment from the combined-arms armies, air force and air defense formations, formations and units of combat arms and special forces of district subordination, the forces of the Black Sea Fleet and the KFl were involved.

A video can be seen here.

A new Russian airborne mountain assault regiment is being formed and will deploy to Crimea in 2022.

Russians haven't formed mountain operational formations since 1941.
Posted by: badanov || 10/22/2021 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [80 views] Top|| File under:

The operation to eliminate Gauleiter Kube in 1943
Direct Translation via Google Translate. Edited.
[RIA Novosti] The operation of retaliation for the elimination in 1943 of Gauleiter Wilhelm Kube, the organizer of the mass genocide against civilians in the Nazi-occupied territory of Belarus during the Great Patriotic War, was codenamed "Playwright", said the Public Relations Center of the FSB of Russia.

This information was made public on the eve of the upcoming 100th anniversary of the birth of a direct participant in that operation, the legendary partisan underground worker, Hero of the Soviet Union, Nadezhda Troyan.

Continued on Page 49
Posted by: badanov || 10/22/2021 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [121 views] Top|| File under:

#1  Desperate times lead to desperate people doing desperate things.
Posted by: ed in texas || 10/22/2021 10:59 Comments || Top||

Alarming Wage Report Not Being Discussed in Financial Media – Blue Collar Wages DECREASED in Third Quarter, While Inflation Skyrocketed
[The Last Refuge] The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released the third quarter review of average weekly wages [Main Data Here]. The results of the year-over-year comparison should alarm everyone. This is a very serious data point that likely means we are in a recession, it just has not been quantified yet.

By now, everyone knows the term "stagflation", which means a stagnant economy and large inflation (price increases), the easiest comparison is Jimmy Carter economic program in the 1970’s. However, let me assure you what this latest BLS release foretells is not that. This is far more serious than stagflation. I am not an alarmist, but I am encouraging everyone to take this economic data seriously.

Weekly wages went up a sum total of seven bucks [$7/1,000 = 0.7%] year over year. THAT is ridiculously low. However, worse yet look at all the categories of workers who saw an actual decline in wages. This is not a decline in wage value, this is an actual decline in net wages earned. WAGES HAVE DROPPED !

This is not only saying wages are failing to keep up with inflation, that part is beyond obvious, the data shows actual declines in wages for full time workers. This is far more concerning, check that.... this is four alarm fire — running around the neighborhood naked and panicked level concerning... when you take actual declines in wages and factor in the September inflation numbers
Posted by: Ulaise Black8626 || 10/22/2021 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [151 views] Top|| File under:

#1  some of the decline in wages is because more senior and skilled workers are saying 'good by' to the work force

hard to measure this
Posted by: Lord Garth || 10/22/2021 0:30 Comments || Top||

#2  Even tougher to measure once you factor in all the forced firings because of the vaccine mandate.

The one angle on that I'll thoroughly enjoy - watching shitloads of state government 'workers' getting axed.
Posted by: Raj || 10/22/2021 0:34 Comments || Top||

#3  Have to disagree. The senior workers would be predominantly white. The wage table shows that only whites slightly increased their wages. All other groups wages dropped. That is before inflation is taken into account.
Posted by: Ulaise Black8626 || 10/22/2021 0:38 Comments || Top||

#4  I don't think you can properly infer seniority from this data.

BTW, black women had a increase in wage rate while Asians, both women and men had significant declines

This may be due to the industry they are in. For example, workers in nail salons, beauty shops and hair styling shops may be limited in the hours they are allowed to work or limited by how long they can wear a mask.
Posted by: Lord Garth || 10/22/2021 0:57 Comments || Top||

#5  ...in other words, small mom and pop business the government is keeping shuttered or for lack of supplies?
Posted by: Procopius2k || 10/22/2021 8:48 Comments || Top||

#6  /\ We (deplorables) have not yet learned our purchasing lessons. Available inventories will be funneled to the larger, Chinese supported outlets. If they aren't aleaady, Mom & Pop will soon become history.

Posted by: Besoeker || 10/22/2021 9:13 Comments || Top||

#7  Mom & Pop = Domestic Proto-Terrorists
Posted by: Merrick Ferret || 10/22/2021 9:24 Comments || Top||

Home Front: Politix
Garland proved not competent to lead DOJ, so detached he learns cases from the news: 'The Five'

Related: Garland doesn't say if he sought ethics guidance regarding ties to son-in-law's CRT-promoting company
Posted by: Skidmark || 10/22/2021 00:13 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [97 views] Top|| File under:

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Two weeks of WOT
Fri 2021-10-22
  Talibs behead female volleyball player, post photos online
Thu 2021-10-21
  The Arab coalition says it killed more than 82 Houthis in airstrikes near Yemen’s strategic city of Marib
Wed 2021-10-20
  US jury convicts man who created computer code to help ISIS
Tue 2021-10-19
  Nasrallah says Hezbollah has 100,000 trained Lebanese fighters
Mon 2021-10-18
  Sadr sets out rules for the US when Sadrists assume premiership
Sun 2021-10-17
  Thailand Ends 17-Day Security Op in Deep South Swamp
Sat 2021-10-16
  Lebanon on edge as funerals held for seven killed in Beirut gunbattle
Fri 2021-10-15
  Socialist Labour Party MP in Leicester, England and a BLM activist, has been convicted over threatening to throw acid on the face of a woman
Thu 2021-10-14
  Six dead, dozens injured as Beirut protest erupts into heavy gunfights
Wed 2021-10-13
  Antifa member files frivolous lawsuit claiming he was injured by cops while rioting
Tue 2021-10-12
  Iraqis nab ISIS finance chief with $5 million bounty on his head
Mon 2021-10-11
  NIA raids 16 locations across Kashmir amid fresh civilian killings
Sun 2021-10-10
  UN: 10,000 Displaced as Clashes Escalate over Marib
Sat 2021-10-09
  Suicide bomber kills at least 100 at Shi'ite mosque in Afghanistan
Fri 2021-10-08
  Now in Power, Taliban Set Sights on Afghan Drug Underworld

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