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19 give up the ghost in suicide kaboom at checkpoint in Anbar
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-Lurid Crime Tales-
Hawaii Judge Orders Loosening of Trump Travel Ban
Yes... that judge
[WSJ]. A Hawaii judge late Thursday ordered a nationwide loosening of President Donald Trump's temporary ban on U.S. entry for some travelers from six Muslim-majority countries, ruling the administration's strict approach contradicted a recent Supreme Court ruling.
No, asshole. You don't get to rule by fiat from Hawaii and over rule the highest court in the land and apply your idiocy to the entire nation. Trump should just tell him to piss off and ignore it.
The decision is a fresh legal blow for the president just two weeks after a Supreme Court ruling allowed the administration to implement its travel ban against refugees and foreign nationals from six countries who have no connection to the U.S.
Legal my ass
The justices said Mr. Trump’s administration couldn’t enforce the ban against people with bona fide relationships to people or organizations in the U.S. Days after, the Trump administration adopted a narrow view of what relationships counted for an exemption from the ban.

The White House didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. A spokeswoman for the Justice Department, which is defending the ban, had no immediate comment on the court order.

Administration officials said visa applicants and refugees with U.S.-based spouses, children, parents and siblings would be allowed in. But those with only lesser ties--such as grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles and cousins--would be subject to the ban.
Considering how they like to marry within the family that pretty much includes the whole nation
U.S. District Judge Derrick Watson in Hawaii took issue with that interpretation. He issued an order late Thursday, which applies nationwide, that says people with broader family ties are also exempt from the ban.

"The Government's definition of close familial relationship is not only not compelled by the Supreme Court's June 26 decision, but contradicts it," the judge wrote.
You are violating years of judicial tradition and federal laws, fucktard. The law is worth nothing if you aren't willing to follow it. And when the law breaks down, society breaks down. Don't be surprised if after things start falling apart some goblins show up on your doorstep to kill you and your family.
Posted by: DarthVader || 07/14/2017 09:56 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [653 views] Top|| File under:

#1  Define 'close familial relation' as second - maybe third - cousins and eliminate the travel ban completely...
Posted by: Glenmore || 07/14/2017 10:08 Comments || Top||

#2  Think we know how this d-bag would react if a Fed judge defied a Supreme Court ruling (Roe v. Wade) and declared abortions illegal.
Posted by: Warthog || 07/14/2017 10:34 Comments || Top||

#3  This matters less than it might -- applications are reportedly down significantly as people look for a more certain outcome elsewhere. The discussion alone changes the calculation.

Interestingly, the same dynamic apparently is at work with illegals. I've read that border crossings have fallen dramatically, while illegals long resident here are self-deporting rather than waiting to be caught. And I recently read that next year they will have systems in place to track those who came legally but overstayed, so they will be deported, too...
Posted by: trailing wife || 07/14/2017 10:54 Comments || Top||

#4  If Congress doesn't act, the whole farce of 'checks and balances' is revealed. Welcome your new aristocrats.
Posted by: Procopius2k || 07/14/2017 11:19 Comments || Top||

#5  The Supereme Court should consider disbarring judges that go against their rulings and try to forge laws.
Posted by: rjschwarz || 07/14/2017 11:22 Comments || Top||

#6  SCT set itself up for this when it included the "close family" exception in its ruling.
Posted by: Iblis || 07/14/2017 12:06 Comments || Top||

#7  TW's point is a good one

Persons who are not prohibited by the exec order are subject to administrative review and this can weed out a lot
Posted by: lord garth || 07/14/2017 12:19 Comments || Top||

#8  Slow it down to a trickle. Blame bureacracy
Posted by: Frank G || 07/14/2017 12:59 Comments || Top||

#9  I like how you think, Frank. These things take time.
Posted by: Rambler in Virginia || 07/14/2017 13:19 Comments || Top||

#10  Sounds like this judge needs a refresher in the importance of the rule of law. Perhaps someone will find the time to assist him with that, whether scheduled or unscheduled.
Posted by: Crusader || 07/14/2017 13:37 Comments || Top||

#11  It is long past time for a Congressman to file articles of impeachment against this black-robed bozo. There are several other similar bozos who deserve to be thrown out of office.
Posted by: Anguper Hupomosing9418 || 07/14/2017 14:47 Comments || Top||

#12  Dark Helmet: I am your father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate.
Lone Star: So what does that make us?
Dark Helmet: Absolutely nothing.

Dark Robe: Visa holders.
Posted by: magpie || 07/14/2017 15:51 Comments || Top||

#13  Perhaps all immigrants from the nations in question could be processed in Hawaii...

Shame to do that to such a beautiful state though.
Posted by: rjschwarz || 07/14/2017 16:05 Comments || Top||

#14  Since this judge made himself 'Judge of all travel' perhaps we need route *all* cases to be reviews in his courtroom, by himself personally, - in person. (and without security....)
Posted by: CrazyFool || 07/14/2017 16:49 Comments || Top||

#15  #13 I believe you will find Zero immigrants have arrived in Hawaii.
Posted by: Dale || 07/14/2017 18:26 Comments || Top||

-Land of the Free
Jesse Jackson: 'We Won the Election, It Was Stolen
Posted by: DarthVader || 07/14/2017 09:38 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [566 views] Top|| File under:

#1  Keep pushing that defunct idea, Jesse. The war that comes with it will bury you, your followers and their families. Stop now while you can.
Posted by: DarthVader || 07/14/2017 9:39 Comments || Top||

#2  If they can make it appear that the Trump administration is illegitimate it will be unable to function, hence a victory for the Progressives.
Posted by: Glenmore || 07/14/2017 10:10 Comments || Top||

#3  Jessie knows that if Trump starts to get African Americans employed again the grievance industry is doomed.
Posted by: rjschwarz || 07/14/2017 10:36 Comments || Top||

#4  Jesse Jackson is still talking? They must be desperate.
Posted by: Abu Uluque || 07/14/2017 10:46 Comments || Top||

#5  I can assure you, our Double-J is infinitely
qualified to comment on any array of topics dealing with theft.
Posted by: Besoeker || 07/14/2017 10:47 Comments || Top||

#6  He's nothing but a race-baiting huckster.
Posted by: Crusader || 07/14/2017 13:40 Comments || Top||

#7  Maybe he needs to change the kind of glue he's sniffing.
Posted by: gorb || 07/14/2017 16:26 Comments || Top||

#8  Back to your cave, Bat!

/channeling Fred Sanford
Posted by: Alaska Paul || 07/14/2017 18:24 Comments || Top||

#9  Syphilis has eaten away his brain just like fellow Chicagoan Al Capone.
Posted by: Regular joe || 07/14/2017 19:07 Comments || Top||

DOJ, DHS Deny Aid to Family of Wounded ICE Agent While Bankrolling Extradition of Cartel Member's Family
[Free Beacon] The U.S. government has denied financial support to the family of a federal agent who was severely wounded in a 2011 ambush by a Mexican drug cartel but at the same time has subsidized housing expenses for the family of a hit-squad member who assisted in the shootout that left another officer dead.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement special agent who survived the attack, Victor Avila, said the Department of Homeland Security refused to fund hotel, travel, and per diem expenses for his wife and two children during the two-week trial of two men accused in his attempted murder, which began in Washington, D.C., this week. DHS told Avila it did not have a "funding mechanism" to pay for the expenses.
Posted by: Besoeker || 07/14/2017 06:17 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [382 views] Top|| File under:

#1  I guess that's what they call "sending a message."
Pour discourager les autres.
Posted by: Richard Aubrey || 07/14/2017 10:10 Comments || Top||

#2  Good to have priorities. Usually.

Pour discourager les autres

I suppose les autres depends on whose side you're on . . . .
Posted by: gorb || 07/14/2017 14:36 Comments || Top||

Home Front: Politix
Senator Joe Donnelly (D-IN) Profits From Mexican Factory
[Daily Caller] During World War II the coal miners’ union went on strike; in 1950 Korean War President Harry Truman reached outside the Constitution and nationalized steel companies because of their union problems. During the Vietnam War, the San Diego Machinist Union local went on strike.

When, then, union leaders stood up and loudly complained about the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), it was my pleasure to throw boing hot rhetoric on the complaining unions and their sycophantic Democratic office holders; hypocrites all. The whine campaign of union leaders and Democrats against an agreement that portended drops in consumer prices for all Americans was sickening and sheer hypocrisy.

A perfect example of political hypocrisy and perfidy has recently come to light in the exposure that Democratic Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly is the former General Counsel and major stockholder in his family’s business in Indiana. A business with a factory in Mexico.

Since Donnelly’s election to the U.S. Senate and in recent months Donnelly’s family company -- Stewart Superior Corp. and its subsidiaries have shipped tons of raw materials to its Mexican factory where Mexican men and women assemble raw materials for finishing in a California plant. This is done duty free in both directions and uses Mexican labor that is paid far less than their Indiana counterparts. This is a wise use of resources and the company should utilize it as much as possible. That is a good and profitable use of resources that enables the company to make profits. That is free enterprise.

There is nothing wrong with the trans-border movement of goods to and from Mexico for assembly or finishing. Only less-than-intelligent union leaders and the Democrat politicians they own lock-stock and barrel complain about this very profitable business model.

Donnelly accused United Technologies (UT) and its Indiana subsidiary -- air conditioner and furnace maker Carrier -- of exploiting $3-an-hour workers when it announced plans to move some Indiana factory jobs to Mexico. Candidate Donald Trump made the Carrier plan an integral part of his campaign and threatened giant defense contractor UT with a stiff tariff on any air conditioners made by Carrier in Mexico imported into the U.S.

Despite his political tantrum against Carrier’s moving to Mexico, Donnelly collected 2016 dividends ($15,001 to $50,000) from Stewart Superior which were profits from its Mexican factory; Stewart Superior’s web site says that the company’s Mexican factory "brings economical, cost competitive manufacturing and product development to our valued customers."
Posted by: Besoeker || 07/14/2017 05:57 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [261 views] Top|| File under:

Maine Legislator Blasted For Anti-Trump Rant On Facebook
[PRESSHERALD] A Democratic state politician from South Portland faced sharp criticism Wednesday after suggesting in a Facebook rant that he would harm President Trump.

Maine Republicans were furious over the post by Rep. Scott M. Hamann and called on House Speaker Sara Gideon, D-Freeport, to take action against him. Some, including Maine Republican Party Executive Director Jason Savage, said Hamann should resign.

He has removed the post from his Facebook page, but the Maine Republican Party made a copy before he did so. In the closing sentence, Hamann writes, "Trump is a half term president, at most, especially if I ever get within 10 feet of that (vulgar term)."

Hamann, who is serving his third term in the Legislature, also lashed out at Trump’s supporters and made reference to the president’s controversial statements about women and Republican U.S. Sen. John Maverick McCain
... the Senator-for-Life from Arizona, former presidential candidate and even more former foot soldier in the Reagan Revolution. As an ordinary citizen he greased the infamous hookers peeing on the Obamabed in Moscow dossier in an attempt to smear President Trump...
, a prisoner of war survivor who was held in Vietnam.

"He’s an admitted rapist," Hamann wrote of the president. "Would you be okay with leaving him alone in a room with your wife?"

Demi Kouzounas, chairwoman of the Maine Republican Party, issued a statement calling Hamann "unhinged and dangerous."

"Words cannot even begin to describe the level of revulsion I feel after reading Rep. Scott Hamann’s recent tirade that has come to light," Kouzounas said in a prepared statement. "Perhaps the most alarming aspect of this tirade is an implied death threat against our president."

In a prepared statement Wednesday, Hamann said he regretted the post.

"I regret my impulsive decision to post something aggressively sarcastic and inappropriate in a Facebook exchange with a childhood friend," Hamann said. "While the tone of the post was born out of frustration with the vile language currently surrounding politics, I should not have responded with the same language. This is not language I typically use, it does not reflect my personal values, and while misguided, it was intended to make a visceral point about the devolving political discourse in America."

Gideon’s spokeswoman, Mary-Erin Casale, said Gideon was on vacation and unavailable for comment Wednesday.

"The Maine Democratic Party does not condone this kind of discourse ‐ period," Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett said in a prepared statement. "Rep. Hamann’s comments were unacceptable and do not represent our values as a party. He has rightly apologized for them and removed the post."

Dave Watson, the resident agent in charge of the U.S. Secret Service field office in Portland, said his agency had been made aware of Hamann’s comments. Watson said his office also was receiving phone calls from the general public about the post.
Posted by: Fred || 07/14/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [374 views] Top|| File under:

#1  Dave Watson, the resident agent in charge of the U.S. Secret Service field office in Portland, said from his Lazy-Boy his agency had been made aware of Hamann’s comments.
Posted by: Skidmark || 07/14/2017 2:13 Comments || Top||

#2  "He’s an admitted rapist," Hamann wrote of the president. "Would you be okay with leaving him alone in a room with your wife?"

Which president are we talking about?
Posted by: Pappy || 07/14/2017 8:29 Comments || Top||

Nother Clinton Assisted
[ChicagoTribune]. Peter W. Smith, GOP operative who sought Clinton's emails from Russian hackers, committed suicide, records show

In late June 2017, the Wall Street Journal published a story about a longtime Republican political operative from the Chicago area. His name was Peter Smith and the story focused on Smith’s possible connections to the Trump campaign and Russian hackers. Here’s how it unfolded. (Jonathon Berlin / Tribune)

A Republican donor and operative from Chicago's North Shore who said he had tried to obtain Hillary Clinton's missing emails from Russian hackers killed himself in a Minnesota hotel room days after talking to The Wall Street Journal about his efforts, public records show.

Related: Democrat 'Arkanside' sound suppressor from the Daily Caller. Don't neglect the comments section.
Continued on Page 49
Posted by: Clerenter Grurt8057 || 07/14/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [749 views] Top|| File under: Commies

#1  the two helium tanks in the room were draped with vinyl-covered exercise ankle or wrist weights.

Keep them from floating away I suppose.
Posted by: Skidmark || 07/14/2017 2:11 Comments || Top||

#2  Suicide usually voids a life insurance policy.
Posted by: phil_b || 07/14/2017 2:30 Comments || Top||

#3  Only in the first two years.
Posted by: Richard Aubrey || 07/14/2017 4:44 Comments || Top||

#4  Elderly Methodist, former gov't contractor, conservative blogger, and post-mortem conspiracy denier......only a bit frightening.
Posted by: Besoeker || 07/14/2017 5:39 Comments || Top||

#5  Were Smith's hands taped or tied behind his back? Chicago has a way of making things disappear.
Posted by: JohnQC || 07/14/2017 9:44 Comments || Top||

#6  Like to get a look at that life insurance policy. Sometimes you can get a term plan for, say, twenty years. If he got one at age 61, it would "expire" at 81. Some of them have a provision for continuing it at extremely high rates which it is expected nobody will pay. But if your health is really, really bad, somebody can usually scrape up a quarterly premium.
Posted by: Richard Aubrey || 07/14/2017 10:15 Comments || Top||

#7  Did he fire one bullet in the suicide or did he empty the magazine to be sure?
Posted by: rjschwarz || 07/14/2017 11:24 Comments || Top||

#8  A malfunctioning sear pin, RJ.
Posted by: Zebulon Bonaparte8226 || 07/14/2017 14:20 Comments || Top||

#9  Haitian committed suicide shortly before testifying about the Clinton Foundation!

You're as shocked as I am at this tragic death.
Posted by: Bright Pebbles || 07/14/2017 18:56 Comments || Top||

73% of Dems to give up drinking for Trump impeachment: Poll
[Iran Press TV] More than 73 percent of American Democrats would give up drinking alcohol for the rest of their life if President Donald Trump
...New York real estate developer, described by Dems as illiterate, racist, misogynistic, and what ever other unpleasant descriptions they can think of, elected by the rest of us as 45th President of the United States...
would be impeached, a new survey has found.
Might I suggest 73 percent of Dems get a goddamned life?
The poll which was published by a drug and alcohol rehabilitation group
...if they're in a rehab group, 100% of them intend to give up alcohol anyway...
on Thursday also found that 17 percent of Republicans are willing to renounce drinking alcohol if Trump got impeached.

But nearly 31 percent of Republicans said they would give up drinking if it meant the media stopped writing negative things about their president.

On Wednesday, Democrat Congressman Brad Sherman formally introduced an article of impeachment against Trump, accusing the president of obstructing justice during a federal investigation of Russia’s role in 2016 election.
Posted by: Fred || 07/14/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [717 views] Top|| File under:

#1  Are these the same ones who swore to move to Canada if he won?
Posted by: CrazyFool || 07/14/2017 0:09 Comments || Top||

#2  More for us, eh?
Posted by: Skidmark || 07/14/2017 2:04 Comments || Top||

#3  Going 'cold turkey' is quite difficult. Surely there is some prescription opioid available which can put them off the bottle.
Posted by: Besoeker || 07/14/2017 5:48 Comments || Top||

#4  Like we'd take their word for anything.
Posted by: g(r)omgoru || 07/14/2017 5:59 Comments || Top||

#5  Dems give up nothing. They would change the name of alcohol, have the GIVERnment subsidize the new 'health' drink and party on.
Posted by: Airandee || 07/14/2017 6:09 Comments || Top||

#6  Are we supposed to give a rip what these insignificant libs would do or not?
Posted by: Jan || 07/14/2017 7:06 Comments || Top||

#7  I would prefer they gave up breathing.
Posted by: DarthVader || 07/14/2017 8:16 Comments || Top||

#8  More than 73 percent of American Democrats would give up drinking alcohol for the rest of their life

Blood, on the other hand...
Culinary snark of the day
Posted by: Pappy || 07/14/2017 8:31 Comments || Top||

#9  The shock of reality will probably kill them anyway.
Posted by: Procopius2k || 07/14/2017 8:34 Comments || Top||

#10  Darth has the right idea, but my take is that they hold their breath until then,
Posted by: Ptah || 07/14/2017 11:33 Comments || Top||

#11  Democrats for Pence!
Posted by: Bright Pebbles || 07/14/2017 11:44 Comments || Top||

#12  Hold their breath until they turn 'Red', Ptah?
Posted by: Skidmark || 07/14/2017 14:21 Comments || Top||

#13  So will the remaining 27% continue drinking either way?
Posted by: gorb || 07/14/2017 14:35 Comments || Top||

#14  As long as tax payers are paying the nar tab,,,
Posted by: Threatch Jeamp8135 || 07/14/2017 17:54 Comments || Top||

#15  The other 27% is Hillary's cut.
Posted by: swksvolFF || 07/14/2017 18:13 Comments || Top||

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