I hate having formal rules...
When I opened Rantburg up to guest posters, I was worried we'd be overrun by trolls and herbal viagra peddlars. We haven't had any herbal viagra offers, and trolls have been mostly rare and haven't hung around long. When they do show up, please don't comment on them, unless it's something like

Goodbye. You won't be here long. Too bad you couldn't stay...

Rantburg was conceived as a repository for news about the War on Terror, and I'd like to keep it that way. Lately it's expanded to include hostilities with Iraq and North Korea, but since they're part of the same problem they live here, too. Because Zim-Bob-we and Ivory Coast are similar problems to Iraq and NKor, they creep in, too, though I don't give them full-time coverage. This is not an opinion journal, and despite the amount of smartassery in the commentary, it's not really a place to mouth off for the sake of seeing your own words on somebody else's site. There are lots of forums and chat rooms you can go to for that.

Your opinion is welcome. But if you post something, tie it to a hard news article that's related to the site's subject matter. Pure opinion, be it "I think Iraq sucks" or "I think war sucks" doesn't go here. Get your own weblog. I'll dump your post, even if I agree with the subject matter. I'll just dump it a little faster if I don't.

Things that I consider to be in poor taste will be dumped, too, just like the "first blood" pool was. Some of our readers are in Kuwait or Jordan or wherever, and some people we know who aren't readers are there. My best friend's son is there, in an artillery unit. The ones we don't know are there, too, lots of them. If I wasn't old and fat, I'd be in green right now, somebody else would be writing this, and I'd be there.

I don't have a sense of humor where our troops are concerned. I don't think most of our readers do, either. If you look at this as a game, as a sideshow, you can make bets, but not here. I take every injury, every loss of life to one of our troops personally. When the festivities begin with Sammy there will be more than enough of them, even if the number's as small as last time.

Thanks for your support,

The Management
Posted by: Fred Pruitt 2003-02-19