Saudi police arrest 92 at `deviants' party'
Riyadh - Saudi security forces have arrested 92 men after they stormed a party and found them wearing make-up and wigs and dancing in women's clothes, an Internet newspaper reported on Sunday.
Hummmm, maybe those guys they catch wearing burkas aren't really trying to hide.
Al-Wifaq said some of the men at the ``deviants' party'', a phrase usually used to refer to homosexuals, were drunk and had taken drugs. Saudi forces raided the party in the Qatif district in eastern Saudi Arabia at 1am on Friday morning, according to the website. Most of the men detained were from the conservative Muslim kingdom but others were from Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Lebanon and Syria.
When I think of a place to hold a gay transvestite dance, Saudi is the last place that comes to mind.
Officials were not immediately available to comment on the report.
Busy trying to find a way to blame this on the Joooos.
Last month human rights group Amnesty International launched an urgent appeal on behalf of 35 people it said were at risk of being flogged after attending what Saudi newspapers had described as a gay wedding. Amnesty International said the men were sentenced to between six months and two years in jail, and from 200 and 2,000 lashes each.
Posted by: Steve 2005-05-23