Failed Suicide Bomber Wants to Kill Jews (and Israeli Mercy)
Howl at the moon!
Sorry. No boom for you!
A badly burned Palestinian woman was alternately defiant and tearful Monday after Israeli soldiers caught her trying to enter Israel with 22 pounds of explosives hidden on her body. The woman, who suffered serious burns on her hands, feet and neck in a kitchen explosion five months ago, had been granted permission to cross into Israel from the Gaza Strip for medical treatment when she raised the suspicion of soldiers at the Erez checkpoint.
so she took advantage of Israeli kindness
Video released by the military showed 21-year-old Wafa al-Biss taking off articles of clothing on the orders of soldiers searching for explosives, and rubbing her disfigured neck with her burned hands and screaming. The military said she tried to blow up the explosives Monday but failed and was not injured.
That's too bad, except that she might have taken somebody with her to the great beyond...
At the Shikma Prison in Israel's Negev Desert, where the Shin Bet security service allowed Israeli TV reporters to interview her, al-Biss said she was determined to carry out a suicide attack against Israel because of its occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. ''My dream was to be a martyr,'' she said, adding that she was recruited by the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, a violent offshoot of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah movement. ''I believe in death.''
they all seem to have a strong belief system that way
Then why not hook a hose up to your car's exhaust and suck deep? It isn't death she believes in, but vile hatred that's much uglier than her disfigured neck and hands...
Sitting calmly across from an Israeli TV interviewer, the young woman with large brown eyes and curly dark hair pulled back in a ponytail said her decision had nothing to do with her disfigurement, which might make her less desirable as a bride.
yeah, right
''Don't think that because of how I look I wanted to carry out an attack,'' said al-Biss. ''Since I was a little girl I wanted to carry out an attack.''
I wanted to cure diseases and help people. I like me better.
However, her story grew more contradictory as the interview progressed. After more than an hour, she began to lose her composure and changed her story.
when she realized she was in deep doo doo
In a separate interview with foreign reporters, she asserted that she had undergone treatment at a Gaza hospital for her burns, where someone apparently planted the explosives on her body without her knowledge.
20 pounds of explosives planted on her without her knowldege. too funny!
"Here y'go, baby! Try this on!"
"Ooooh! Kinky! It ain't gonna go off, is it?"
"No, no! Certainly not!"
''I did not intend to carry out an attack,'' she said, at which point Israeli security officials told reporters she was lying.
this, after she kept trying to actuate the trigger when she was caught. ya can't make this stuff up, folks!!!
''I didn't kill anyone. Do you think they will forgive me? Do you think they will give me any mercy?'' she asked. ''I hope they show me mercy. I didn't kill anyone.''
you forgot that little part about how you tried to blow yerself up, though. slip yer mind?
Then al-Biss terminated the interview, saying she was exhausted.
I wonder if it was cuz the reporters were laughing so hard?
Israeli military spokeswoman Maj. Sharon Feingold expressed outrage that Palestinian militants used a humanitarian case as a suicide bomber. ''These terror organizations are not only the enemies of the Israelis, but also of the Palestinian people themselves, who suffer as a result of this abuse of the young, the sick, the wounded,'' she said.
and where is the paleo outrage? If it ain't Jews, it ain't worth seething over, I guess!
At one point al-Biss agreed with a reporter that she might have been a victim of the militants, breaking down and sobbing, ''Forgive me, mother.''
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