Oddity: The New US Army Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH)
Just as the Kevlar PASGT helmet replaced the World War II M-1 Helmet, the Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) replaced the PASGT (or Kraut)(*) helmet in the U.S. armed services in 2004.
Advanced Combat HelmetThe Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) is one of the fourteen Rapid Fielding Initiative items developed in 2004 for deploying soldiers on their way to Iraq or Afghanistan.

The ACH is made of a new type of Kevlar, that provides improved ballistic and impact protection. Tests show it will withstand a hit from a 9mm round at close range, a test th e PASGT would fail. The ACH as a platform is compatible with the current night vision devices, communications packages, and NBC defense (Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical) equipment, although some special mounting kits are needed to achieve compatibility.

The ACH is smaller and 3.5 lbs lighter then the PASGT model and is cushioned on the inside, which sits more comfortably on a soldiers head. It also has a different suspension system inside that allows a soldier to fight more effectively when wearing body armor.

The ACH allows maximum sensory and situational awareness for the operator. This includes an unobstructed field of view and increased ambient hearing capabilities.

The ACH's retention/suspension system provides unsurpassed balance, stability, and comfort. This system provides for proper size, fit, and ventilation. The ACH’s pad suspension system provides superior impact protection throughout all operational scenarios, including static-line airborne operations.
(*)Actually, I believe that it is better known as the "Fritz" design. Isn't it an odd looking monster?
Posted by: Anonymoose 2005-09-05