Michael Jackson Caught Using Ladies Restroom
Michael Jackson was caught using that ladies room in Dubai over the weekend. The Khaleej Times reports the King of Pop was touching up his makeup in a shopping mall women's bathroom when a local, identified as Latifa M., "screamed in shock and ran out" when she saw that he was a man.
"He's a guy!... At least I think he is!"
According to the paper, Latifa M. then went back into the bathroom and took pictures of Jackson with her cell phone camera. That move reportedly resulted in a dispute, as Jackson chased after her, demanding she give the pictures to him. She refused and then asked for "compensation."
"Either gimme some dough or do the moon walk for me!"
When cops arrived at the scene, the photos were "erased." One member of the Dubai Police Department said he believed that Jackson was in the ladies room by accident.
Oh, yes. That must be it.
Jackson was wearing the region's traditional women's headwear, called a "Sheila."
Is she sure he's a guy?
He has been living in Bahrain since his acquittal on child molestation charges earlier this year. The pop star reportedly recently bought property in the Anwaj Islands for $1.5 million.
Posted by: Fred 2005-11-16