Jordanian Suicide Bomber Only Got Married To Be Allowed Out In Public
excerpted from much longer NYT article, but addresses the utter moral bankruptcy of their "religion" -- that is, that this b*tch's religion says she can't go out in public as a single woman, but it also says she's supposed to kill as many innocents as possible.

Anyway, if I looked like her, I'd blow myself up too.

The king [Abdullah] said the woman would be a valuable source of information on the Iraqi terror group she had joined. He derisively noted that she had married the man who accompanied her on her suicide mission only shortly before the attack. As religious people, the man could not accompany her unless they were married, the king said, emphasizing the irony that they wanted to kill people but were worried about propriety.

"This was what they call a marriage of convenience because they had their ethics and if a woman was to go over and kill innocent people she has to be accompanied by a man," King Abdullah said, stressing the irony.

Posted by: PlanetDan 2005-11-16