White slag used widely
H...Horse...Skag...Junk...and now, White Slag!
Researchers of the chemical institute of Kim Hyong Jik University of Education have steadily expanded the sphere of the utility of white slag from thermal power plants.
Snort it, shoot it, ship millions of dollars of it to foreign lands.
A new kind of adsorbent has been made with white slag to preserve historical relics and its production processes established.
It also get you higher then a friggin' kite!
The adsorbent is better in quality, longer in serviceable life, lower in production cost and simpler in production than other kinds.
Like that good NK crack the guys at KCNA smoke.
A chemical method of refining transformer oil has been invented and an adsorbent producer and transformer oil refinery built.
Ten kilograms of the adsorbent are enough to refine 1.5 tons of transformer oil.
And get a million people buzzed out of their skulls. And wanting more.
The refining does not need electricity and the production processes are very simple.
Even simpler then a California Crystal Meth lab...
Quality ultramarine has also been made. It is used in making painting and coating materials and printing ink which have already been used in different domains. The white slag is also used to purify radioactive spent water and refine hydrogen.
And it makes damn powerful dope! White Slag! Look for it at a North Korean embassy near YOU!
Posted by: tu3031 2003-05-01