Report: Iran ready to use missiles, terror
Report by independent Oxford Research Group says bombing of Iran by U.S. forces, or Israel, would have to be part of a surprise attack on a range of facilities including urban areas that would catch many Iranians unprotected According to the newspaper, both Israel and the United States do not discount he possibility of a military operation that would sabotage the Iranian nuclear effort should diplomacy fail, but experts warn the Iranian regime could respond in kind by launching strikes in the Middle East or even in America.

American intelligence chief John Negroponte recently presented before Congress an assessment warning Iran could initiate a large-scale confrontation if attacked. The CIA reached the conclusion Iran is gradually boosting its military capabilities, including threats on shipping lanes. However, the most severe threat possessed by Iran comes in the form of non-conventional weapons, including long-range Shahab 3 missiles, which are capable of carrying chemical warheads. Currently, Iran is also developing new missiles with an even longer range. In 2001, Iran also purchased at least twelve X-55 cruise missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads and reaching as far as Italy. The Boston Globe says Iran has at least 20 missile launchers that are constantly being moved around the country in order to prevent detection.

Meanwhile, Negroponte warned Iranian Revolutionary Guard forces are present in Iraq and could initiate a revolution there through guerilla warfare, with the assistance of the country's Shiite majority. According to intelligence reports, Iran may also make use of Hizbullah in order to carry out attacks against American interests worldwide, including in the U.S.
Posted by: Besoeker 2006-02-16