Ignalinsk Nuclear Power Station Linked with Al-Qaeda
Viktoria Zakurko, a Lithuanian citizen, was arrested in the UK last weekend suspected of links with al-Qaeda. British and Lithuanian law enforcement agencies are particularly apprehended since the detainee’s father works in the security of the Ignalinsk nuclear power station.

The Lithuanian, who now resides in Liverpool, has been arrested on the grounds of her relations with Lebanese citizen Mohammed Benhammedi who is believed to be a financier of al-Qaeda.
Just wait til you get home, young lady.
The 19-year-old met the Lebanese businessman through mutual friends and left for Liverpool where she “met him every second night”, she says.
Got into a 'relationship' with an exotic foreigner, and now it's come home to bite her.
Benhammedi was detained last Wednesday and charged with violations of migration regulations. His accounts were frozen as suspected to be financing al-Qaeda. Viktoria Zakurko told the British press that she does not believe the accusations and ready to wait for her lover all her life.
"Or until my friends call me to go clubbing."
The British police got apprehended as they learnt that the girl’s father, Sergey Zakurko, works in Lithuania as a security man at the Ignalinsk nuclear power station.
Wake up, Viktoria.

Posted by: anonymous5089 2006-02-16