Taliban stop tribal elders from visiting govt official
MIRANSHAH: Senior Taliban commander Maulvi Abdul Khaliq issued on Friday “a new executive order” to bar “tribal elders” and “spies” from visiting the North Waziristan political administrator. The order, which comes a day after hundreds of Taliban seized government buildings, was passed during Friday sermons in Miranshah, said eyewitnesses. “I ask all tribal chieftains and spies to not visit the political agent,” said Khaliq. He added the Taliban Shura would recommend punish to violators of the order. However, the Taliban leader allowed laymen to visit the government offices to address their problems.
I guess we could say they're pretty openly taken over. Perv can't even maintain the fiction of control anymore.
A statement from the Governor’s FATA Secretariat named the cleric as “masterminding” Thursday’s occupation of key government buildings in Miranshah where state writ was almost non-existent. “The mastermind of (Thursday’s) disturbance was Maulvi Abdul Khaliq, who is running Darul Uloom Gulshan in Miranshah. He called the people to come out on streets against the government.”
As in "revolt against the gummint."
“This man has lost so much popularity because of his extremism that people did not allow him to lead the funeral prayers for a local tribesman, Muhib, killed in Wednesday’s clash in Saidgai,” the statement read.
But somehow he's ended up in charge, hasn't he? Maybe you should send in the army and kill him?
Also, the cleric supporters detained a local tribal journalist for a news report against him. Abdul Samad, correspondent of Peshawar-based Urdu daily in Miranshah, was called to the cleric’s seminary for the statement that the Governor’s FATA Secretariat issued late on Thursday evening, the newspaper’s management told Daily Times. “Our correspondent was allowed to go home after clarifying that he had nothing to do with the statement. The cleric has also banned the sale of three Urdu newspapers that carried the official statement,” the management added.
Right. Maybe you should get a tribal lashkar together.

Posted by: Fred 2006-03-04