Love note to the West from Zawahiri
Al-Qaeda ideologue Ayman al-Zawahiri has attacked the West for insulting the Prophet Mohammad, in video footage shown by Arab TV network Al Jazeera.
Zawahiri urged Muslims to boycott countries that had published cartoons caricaturing the Prophet.

The cartoons were deemed blasphemous by Muslims and unleashed violent protests across the world.

Zawahiri also endorsed the Palestinian militant group Hamas' election win and urged Muslims to attack the West. He accused the outgoing Palestinian administration of betrayal.

"No Palestinian has the right to give away a grain of the soil," Zawahiri said. "The seculars in the Palestinian Authority have sold out Palestine for crumbs... Giving them legitimacy is against Islam."

He urged Hamas to "continue the armed struggle" and reject agreements struck between its predecessors in government and Israel, describing them as "surrender accords".

In a reference to cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad printed in several European newspapers, Zawahiri said the West had committed deliberate blasphemy and was guilty of double standards.

"They did it on purpose and they continue to do it without apologising, even though no one dares to harm Jews or to challenge Jewish claims about the Holocaust nor even to insult homosexuals."

He also singled out domestic Western policies he said discriminated against Muslims.

"In France a Muslim father cannot prevent his daughter from having sex because she is protected by the law, but this same law punishes her if she covers her hair," he said.

He called for strikes against Western nations, as well as pro-Western Muslim governments, like those of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Pakistan and Tunisia.

"Inflict losses on the crusader West, especially to its economic infrastructure with strikes that would make it bleed for years," he urged.

"The strikes on New York, Washington, Madrid and London are the best examples," he said.

Posted by: lotp 2006-03-04