Aide: Mubarak will welcome successor
The main political adviser to Hosni Mubarak has said that the Egyptian president would welcome retirement if he could find a replacement. But the Mubarak family are not thinking of putting forward the president's 42-year-old son Gamal as a successor, adviser Osama el-Baz said on Tuesday.
"No, no! Certainly not!"
Mubarak is 78 in May and has ruled Egypt since 1981. Baz said: "He will remain, so long as he's able, capable and so on. But if he finds that there is another group of people, another person, who are willing to carry the torch, I have the feeling that he would welcome it. It's not clear yet who can take over. Nobody can say, and definitely the president and his family are not thinking about succession. They don't think of Gamal taking over and he does not give himself more rights than other Egyptians."
"Nope. Nobody could possibly do it like Hosni. When he dies we're gonna hafta have him stuffed and mounted!"

Posted by: Fred 2006-03-08