China warning to US over Taiwan
China's foreign minister has urged the US, Taiwan's biggest arms provider, to take "concrete measures" against any Taiwanese bids for independence.

Li Zhaoxing, speaking on the sidelines of China's annual parliament session, said Taiwan was the most important issue facing China-US relations.

Chinese President Hu Jintao is due to visit Washington next month.

Beijing has been angered by Taiwan's recent decision to scrap a council on reunification with the mainland.

"We hope that the US side... recognises the dangerous nature of Taiwan independence secessionist forces and takes concrete measures to oppose Taiwan independence forces," Mr Li told journalists...
I wish that every time China spouts over Taiwan that the US response it to say something like, "And WE hope that the Chinese side...recognizes the dangerous nature of bellicose and bullying remarks in DELAYING the eventual reunification of China and Taiwan, that each such transparent effort by INDIVIDUALS to gain petty political points sets back by weeks or months what could have been peacefully accomplished years ago." That would sting.
Posted by: Anonymoose 2006-03-08