Bangla Bhai Recovering, Dammit
Bangla Bhai has begun talking from March 7 but his sentences are not totally understandable. But his words are not being recorded as no-one is staying inside his room. Only doctors go to the room and come out after examining him and giving him medication. "He is shouting at the hospital staff," said a source.

A board of 18 doctors -- six of the BDR hospital and 12 from others -- are examining him. There are more beds in the cabin but no-one else, leave alone a patient, is staying in the room, which is kept under lock and key. "Although he is improving, he'll take time to make complete recovery," Inspector General of Police (IGP) Abdul Quayyum told reporters at the home ministry yesterday. The police boss said they do not want to quiz Bangla Bhai right now. "It may cause infection if he comes in contact with people."
Sounds like a setup for a Daring EscapeĀ™ to me.
"Hey, where you from, screw?"

Posted by: Fred 2006-03-09