Suspected Taleban, bystander killed in Afghan shoot-out
JALALABAD, Afghanistan - A suspected Taleban fighter and a woman were killed in a roughly six-hour clash with security forces in eastern Afghanistan overnight, police said on Thursday. Another fighter, a bystander and two police were also wounded in the shoot-out that erupted in a village in eastern Nangarhar province late Wednesday, a provincial security forces spokesman said.

Police assisted by US troops cornered six suspected Taleban into a house in Chaparhar district, near the border with Pakistan, district police deputy security chief Mohammad Asif said Wednesday. US military planes patrolled overhead, he said. The fighting continued until about midnight, security forces spokesman Ghafor Khan said Thursday. When police were able to enter the house, they found one dead man and a wounded man. The others appeared to have escaped.

Khan said the men were “the opposition”, a term often used to mean fighters from the ousted Taleban government who are waging an anti-government insurgency with their Al Qaeda allies.

Intelligence led security forces to the house in Chaparhar’s Khandibagh village, which is 25 kilometres (15 miles) from the provincial capital Jalalabad and close to the border with Pakistan. The US-led coalition media office in the capital Kabul could not immediately confirm the incident.
Posted by: Steve 2006-03-09