Iraqi bad guy was nabbed in December
In Baghdad, an Al-Qaeda leader, Ramzi Ahmad Ismail who is also known as Abu Qutadah, was arrested by the Multi-national Force.
"Stick 'em up, Ramzi!"
In a press release, the US army said the terrorist was apprehended last December during a raid on his house in southern Baghdad, adding that the terrorist was hiding in a canal near the house.
"We're here to pick up Ramzi!"
"He ain't here!"
"Mind if we look around? Jones, check the sewer out back!"
The Syrian-born Abu Qutadah was the head of a terrorist movement named the Islamic front for Iraq's liberation that killed many innocent civilians and military men. Abu Qutadah is thought to be one of the assistants of Abu Ayman who headed Iraq's intelligence during Saddam's reign.

In another development, Iraqi political figure Sayyed Muqatada decided to postpone a protest that was supposed to take place on Saturday due to fears of terrorist attacks. Followers of Al-Sadr told KUNA that they received confirmations about terrorist activities that will target the protest, which made Al-Sadr postpone it to protect the lives of innocent civilians. Tens of thousands of Iraqis were supposed to participate in the protest that was going to start from Baghdad's Al-Firdous square without carrying anything other than Iraq's flag as symbol of overall national unity.
Posted by: Fred 2006-03-11