Waheed brothers detained after release in Qaeda case
"Oh, hold me, Arshad!"
Dr Akmal Waheed and Dr Arshad Waheed were detained for one month under maintenance of public order (MPO) on Friday night. Earlier, the Sindh High Court (SHC) ordered they be set free after setting aside their conviction on charges of harbouring activists of Al Qaeda linked group, Jundullah.

Prison authorities confirmed to Daily Times that they had received a notification from the Sindh Home Department ordering the detention of the two doctors for a period of one month. On Friday morning, the SHC announced a verdict on the appeals filed by Dr Akmal Waheed and Dr Arshad Waheed against their conviction by an anti-terrorism court. They were charged with providing medical treatment to Jundullah activists and harbouring absconders.

The court allowed the appeal and ordered the release of the doctors provided they were not required in any other case. “We are of the considered view that the prosecution has failed miserably to prove the case against the appellants, therefore, the conviction and sentence awarded to the appellants are set aside,” held the anti-terrorism appellate (ATA) bench of the SHC.
Posted by: Fred 2006-03-11