Syria using Shebaa to force Lebanon into Arab-Israeli conflict
Anti-Syrian politician and former MP Fares Soueid said Friday Syria "is using the Shebaa Farms issue to force Lebanon into the Arab-Israeli conflict." Soueid was speaking on Friday during a seminar before a crowd of university students who came to show their support for the Independence Intifada. The seminar was organized by the students of the Lebanese University in Deir al-Qamar entitled "The Independence Intifada Goes On."

Soueid added: "After we liberate the Shebaa Farms from the Israeli troops, we will liberate them from Syria's control." Soueid further added the country is in need of a new president to settle all accumulated pending issues, such as the "weapons of the resistance, the Shebaa Farms, and the Syrian-Lebanese relations." With ongoing disputes about the identity of the Shebaa Farms, Soueid said "Syria is not willing to give us any document to prove its real identity."

Soueid rejected the remarks made against MP Walid Jumblatt that accuse him of deliberately trying to sabotage the dialogue. He said: "These accusations and some of the positions taken will not discontinue the Independence Intifada, but it will move on. It has scored many achievements." Soueid called for "demarcating the borders with Syria and sealing
Posted by: Fred 2006-03-12