Pak blamed for rendering UN resolutions on Kashmir irrelevant
These Pakistanis just don't understand Indian Kashmiri politicians. They routinely underestimate them. The Kashmiri politician Omar Abdullah was the junior Foreign Minister of India under Vajpayee. The last Kashmiri chief minister Mufti Sayeed was once an Indian Federal Home (Interior) Minister
ISLAMABAD, Mar 11: Doing some plain speaking, National Conference, chairman, Omar Abdullah has virtually blamed Pakistan for rendering UN resolutions on Kashmir irrelevant, saying that the map of parts seized by it has undergone a change since 1947. "Why the (UN) resolutions were not implemented? because the conditions that needed for implementation were never created right from the day one," he said when asked about his stand on the issue by journalists at a dinner here last night hosted by Foreign Minister Khurshid M Kasuri for leaders from Jammu and Kashmir who are participating in a conference on resolution of the Kashmir issue.

The UN resolutions, he said, were meant to be implemented in the entire State of Jammu and Kashmir as it existed in 1947. "That State today ceases to exist and doubt very much whether we can be able to turn back the clock."

"Those resolutions are (applicable) for both sides of Kashmir which includes Aksai Chin (part ceded by Pakistan to China) and Northern Areas (parts governed directly by Islamabad)," he said, visibly causing discomfort to Kasuri who said Pakistan’s position on the issue was well known. Drawing a comparison between Jammu and Kashmir and the areas of the State under Pakistan’s control, the NC leader said "Jammu and Kashmir in India is exactly what it was in 1947. Not an inch of territory has been changed. Ask yourself the same question regarding the areas of Jammu and Kashmir with Pakistan. Does the map of J and K of Pakistan in 1947 resembles what it is now? If it doesn’t, then that is the answer to your question why UN resolutions cannot be implemented."
Posted by: john 2006-03-12