Israel threatens to kill prisoners
Except that they'll do it if they cease being prisoners, in which case they won't be prisoners but unpunished murderers.
ISRAEL is prepared to assassinate four Palestinians accused in the 2001 murder of an Israeli tourism minister if they are released from jail, Israeli television reported today. Security forces and the army are prepared to take immediate action to either "eliminate or arrest" the militants if Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas organises their release from the West Bank's Jericho prison, Israel's second television channel said.

The report said Defence Minister Shaul Mofaz had already warned several times Israel would not allow the four, who are part of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), to live in freedom. Among the four is jailed PFLP leader Ahmed Saadat, who was voted into parliament in January's Palestinian general election.

Abbas said on March 7 he was ready to release Saadat, provided the PFLP took all responsibility for his security.

"I have no objection to Ahmed Saadat leaving prison tomorrow on condition that I receive a letter from the (PFLP) political office stipulating that I am not responsible for what happens to him," Abbas said. Abbas has recently said he feared Saadat could be assassinated by Israel if released from prison. Israel accuses Saadat, who has been jailed since August 2002 under British-US supervision, of being involved in the killing of Israeli tourism minister Rehavaam Zeevi, shot dead by a PFLP militant in 2001.
Posted by: Oztralian 2006-03-12