Guilty Saddam would hang quickly: prosecutor
The Iraqi High Tribunal's chief prosecutor says Saddam Hussein will hang immediately if he is found guilty on charges relating to deaths of 148 Shiites. The trial of Saddam and seven others for the deaths in the town of Dujail has resumed today. Jaafar Mussawi says no further trials will be held if Saddam is found guilty.
Good idea. Stretch his neck and be done with it.
"If the court passes a death sentence on any of the defendants in the Dujail case, the law is clear, the sentence must be carried out within 30 days following the appeal," Mr Mussawi said. "As for other cases [in which they have been charged], the court will only judge living defendants as those executed cannot be tried."

Saddam and others have also been charged in connection with other crimes, including the use of poison gas during the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq against Iraqi Kurds in Halabja, and the crushing of a Shiite revolt in the south of the country following the 1991 Gulf War.
Posted by: Fred 2006-03-13