Iranian parliment: Central Bank to fund moving garrisons from Tehran
[The] Majlis [Iranian Parliament] on Saturday assigned Central Bank of Iran (CBI) to provide the government with facilities [funds] to relocate garrisons and industrial sites affiliated to Ministry of Defense and Logistics of the Armed Forces away from large cities, particularly Tehran. The decision was made during a debate on the draft budget bill for the next fiscal year, 1385 (to begin from March 21, 2006) according to which CBI was obliged to provide the Armed Forces with 1,000 billion rials facility annually to enable them to relocate garrisons outside the large cities.
Excellent idea, move the targets out of the cities to unpopulated areas.

In the meantime, Majlis approved 400 million dollars for Ministry of Health and Medical Education from Foreign Currency Reserve Fund to renovate medical hardware of hospitals and laboratories. Majlis also authorized the government to take 40 million dollars from the Foreign Currency Reserve Fund and be put at the disposal of Ministry of Housing and Urban Development to be spent on feasibility study and implementing the project of 2,000 hospital beds in the cities already clarified.
Posted by: Pappy 2006-03-13