Al-Qaeda chief threatens US from beyond the grave
THE late head of the Saudi branch of Al-Qaeda, killed in February, has warned the Americans to leave the Arab peninsula and threatened Saudi officials, in a video aired online.
"I say to Americans; leave the peninsula of Mohammed... Get out of all the Muslim territories. Stop supporting the Jews in Palestine. Otherwise you will only know death, destruction and explosions," Fahd bin Faraj al-Joweir said in a posthumous message posted today by the "Organisation of al-Qaeda in the Arab peninsula".
He's dead and we're not. That really should tell them something, but it won't, of course...
Turning his attentions to the "apostate" Saudi Government, Joweir said in his reported comments: "If you realise that the Mujahadeen is after you, you will concentrate only on your preparations to flee", who also called on members of the Saudi security forces to "cease working for the tyrants and to join the Mujahadeen."

"And I have one more statement for my mujahadeen brothers:

'Rosebud, dammit.'"
Joweir was among five militants killed in a shootout in Riyadh in late February. He was suspected of participating in a foiled attack on the world's largest oil processing plant at Abqaiq, in the kingdom's eastern oil fields, the previous week. Two suicide bombers and two security guards died in that action. An al-Qaeda statement posted on the internet claimed responsibility for the attack. The failed attempt to blow up the world's largest oil processing plant sent shock waves through financial markets, but Riyadh was swift to calm jittery markets with reassurances about the security of its petrol supplies.
Do we have a source on this?

Posted by: tipper 2006-03-16