Former Iraqi Vice President negotiating surrender
Negotiations for the surrender of Iraq’s former number two Izzat Ibrahim are under way and have made substantial progress, according to a Jordanian newspaper.
See, letting the defense minister surrender "with dignity" the other day is paying off.
"Contacts under way for the surrender of the Iraqi official have reached an advanced phase," Al Arab Al Yawm reported, quoting a "source close to the family" of Ibrahim. "The Iraqi vice president is demanding that his name be removed from a (United States) wanted list as well as humanitarian conditions for his detention," the report said, adding that Ibrahim suffers from heart and abdominal problems.
OK, when you surrender we’ll take your name off the list and lock you in a hospital room.
The report added that Ibrahim has lost contact with ousted Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and is on the move in tribal areas north and west of the capital city of Baghdad.
Most likely true, Sammy would have cut links with everyone in order to stay out of sight.
Posted by: Steve 2003-09-23