Thai police foil Al-Qaida plot to down El Al plane
Police in Thailand three months ago arrested a man suspected of planning an attack on an El Al plane or against Israeli travelers in the country. Channel Two television, which broke news of the arrest Tuesday night, said the man is a suspected member of Al-Qaida. The suspect's nationality and identity remain undisclosed. The suspect was arrested when Thai police spotted him photographing an El Al counter at Bangkok International Airport. Investigators found in the suspect's residence relatively detailed plans for a terror attack. Apparently, his plan was to either destroy an El Al plane with an anti-aircraft missile, or to attack passengers in the airport with gunfire or explosives.
Oh, decisions, decisions!
Thai authorities passed Israel information about the investigation. In response, security at Bangkok airport has been tightened and changes have been made to minimize the risk of a missile attack, security sources say.
Posted by: Fred Pruitt 2003-09-23