JFK Jihad Plot Dragnet Widens
At least six other Guyanese may have been directly involved or had knowledge of the plot to blow up pipelines and fuel storage tanks at the John F Kennedy International Airport, according to the US complaint which named the four defendants currently facing the conspiracy charges.
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The document however does not name the other individuals but simply refers to them as Individuals A, B, C, E, F and G, while the nationality of another presumed partner in the plot, Individual D was also not disclosed. Those individuals, the US government informant and Defreitas met collectively and separately at other times during a visit to Guyana in mid August where the two stayed for an extended period, according to the document.

The document also stated too that E, which it suggests is a businessman with a business somewhere in Georgetown, had told the informant during a conversation that he helped 'brothers' who have a basic knowledge of Islam to perform Jihad (holy war). "He said that he takes care of the individuals basic needs while they are performing their jihad duties," the document stated.

E also suggested that A should get involved in teaching Islam so that he could select serious individuals who were right for Jihad.

It was individual A, the document said, who asked the US informant on or about September 10 lat year if we wanted to die as a martyr and in response the informant answered that this was the greatest way to die in Islam.

Individual A and Individual C had told the informant too that the three of them would travel to Trinidad to discuss the plan with a fourth person (Individual D) whose nationality was not disclosed. However the document stated that A had told E that they were working on two plans: one to smuggle individuals, including mujahideen, from Asia into Guyana and then into the United States and a second to attack the United States where it would inflict the most harm.

Several meetings were supposedly held at the business owned by E and at one such meeting E, the document stated, described an occasion when he had seen U.S. helicopters parked at the Guyanese airport for an air show and considered blowing them up.

"Individual A replied that he (A) was not the only one with those thoughts. At that point E also said that he was close friends with a leader of the Trinidadian Muslim group Jamaat al Muslimeen," the document stated. At that same meeting too A informed E about the details of the planned attack and explained that the plan involved exploding the fuel line that fed fuel to JFK airport. E agreed to take part in the plan but cautioned other partners to avoid talking about it over the telephone or to anyone not directly involved.

The US complaint said that over a two-week period while Defreitas and the informant were here in Guyana they met E, A and C on several occasions to discuss the planned attack. `A' suggested that Defreitas and the informant return to JFK to conduct surveillance at JFK to determine what kind of explosive device would be appropriate for the plan.

The document suggested that after Defreitas and the informant returned to New York, E and A continued to meet here regarding the plot and gave the informant telephonic updates.

The document quoting Defreitas in a telephone conversation about E's intentions said, "E really wants to get this things going. He's very sincere about it 
 So he really want[s] to get it done but he want to get it done the right way 
 that we don't want to regret starting something that we can't finish."

Surveillance conducted by Defreitas and the US informant of the airport was being fed reliably to E and in a conversation Defreitas told E that he had seen Pat Robertson on television predicting that a disaster would hit America and that a tsunami would hit several states. Defreitas stated, "So he's probably not too far off, huh?" and Individual E laughed...
Posted by: McZoid 2007-06-08