Indymediots to spy on LGF convention
Hat tip LGF
UK supporters of non racist website Little Green Footballs to meet at London venue. It may be significant that the venue of choice for high-minded political discussion among the supporters of the racist website litte green footballs is an Oxford Street comic book store, but that shouldn’t put people off going along. LGF, for those who don’t know it, is a website for rabidly anti-Arab, anti-Muslim right-wingers who stir up hate and spread distortions at every opportunity.
Self-deception there.
Highly versed in coordinating their attacks on media outlets that dare to question, say, the legitimacy of the war in Iraq, LGF supporters have also proven themselves a major pest on Indymedia websites all over the world.
By posting racist comments, hurling abuse and generally clogging up servers with rubbish these people have blackened the atmosphere of free discussion and grassroots information exchange. All those who can should try to attend some of these meetings and talk to the people who support such a rabidly racist website in order to find out more about them, what drives them and who they are supported by.
These now-lipless beauzeaux are just so schtoopid. What’s in their water!?
Stevey peed in it.

Posted by: Katz 2003-09-25