GI Lottery Winner Wants to Leave Army
Continuing yesterday’s story. Edited for brevity.
Danielle and Tirrell Moore have 150 million reasons to quit the Army and return to civilian life. The couple bought the winning ticket for the Mega Millions multistate lottery and won a $150 million jackpot while on leave from South Korea. They chose to receive a lump sum payment of $88.9 million, and now plan to ask the Army for releases. "It makes no sense to stay in the Army," Tirrell Moore said Thursday. "I have loved it. I’m just going to relax and get my head together." Danielle Moore added: "I love the military. I’m not so sure if it’s as easy for me to give it up as it is for him, but I have to go with my heart and my husband." Her husband has long claimed that someday he was going to win the lottery, Danielle Moore said. But when he returned from buying tickets this week, she didn’t like the numbers and sent him back to the fast-food store to try again.
Guess they didn’t match the Lucky Numbers in her daily horoscope?

For you vets, is there a legitimate and honorable way to leave the service early because you simply want to? When we’ve got reservists on active duty in the Middle East agitating to get home, the idea of a lottery winner expecting to get out early doesn’t set well with me. It’s akin to buying your way out of the Civil War draft.

He signed a contact for four to six years of service. I suppose they could apply for hardship discharges — I'm sure it's hard, trying to figure what to do with all that dough — but other than that, they're stuck with the green suits until their enlistments are up. Y'know, occasionally you do find rich folks in the Army. You just don't get that way by joining up...

Posted by: Dar 2003-10-03