Syria to complain at UN of attack
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Syria said Sunday it plans to lodge a complaint with the United Nations against Israel for its attack on a Palestinian terrorist snuffy training base near the capital, Damascus.
They're trying to get the Security Council together even as we speak blog...
A Foreign Ministry statement said the "urgent complaint ... will clarify (Syria’s) tenuous position" to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and the UN Security Council. It did not elaborate.
Kofi, of course, will weep real tears over this violation of Syrian sovreignty...
George Jabbour, a member of Syria’s parliament, ruled out a military response, saying Syria will have to deal rationally with the attack.
"Cuz we’d get our asses handed to us"
Possibly from two directions...
"The military option has conditions, among them that it be beneficial" to Syria, said Jabbour. Military responses have not always proved to be of benefit to Syria, he said.
"Ummm... Matter of fact, I don't think they ever have. Have we ever won a war? Didn't think so, except for GWI, and we were only along for the ride..."
Israel has military might, and Syria has a strong legal position, said Jabbour. Plainclothes security officials banned journalists from approaching the camp in Ein Saheb, 22 kilometers northwest of Damascus, which Israeli warplanes bombed at 4:30 a.m.
"we’re not done putting up the ’baby-milk-factory’ signs yet, nor carefully placing the puppy, lamb and baby duck corpses"
The Israeli raid came in retaliation for a suicide bombing carried out by the Palestinian militant Islamic Jihad against a restaurant in the Israeli coastal city of Haifa Saturday. Nineteen people and the bomber were killed. "We will not tolerate the continuation of this axis of terror between Tehran, Damascus and Gaza to continue to operate and kill innocent men, women and children," Raanan Gissin, a spokesman for Prime Minister Ariel Sharon told CNN.
"We know where you live"
Israel said the camp was used as training base by Islamic Jihad, whose leader, Ramadan Shallah, is based in Damascus. In a statement faxed to The Associated Press in Beirut, Islamic Jihad denied it maintained any military or training bases in Syria. "The Islamic Jihad Movement confirms that it does not have any training center or military presence in Syria," the statement said. "This Israeli declaration is a failed attempt by the Zionist entity’s leadership to export its internal crisis and historic predicament - which was caused by the intefadeh (uprising) and resistance - to neighboring countries which provide material support and security to our killers." A senior commander for the radical Damascus-based Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command told The Associated Press the camp belonged to his group and has been deserted for a long time since it was bombed. He said a civilian guard was injured in the raid.
shades of Vieques! U.S. out of Syria...oh, wait...
Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri urged the international community to deter Israel in a statement released by his office and faxed to The Associated Press in Beirut.
"Hurry! We may be next"
"Lebanon ... calls on the international community and the United Nations to restrain Israel and the Sharon government, which alone poses a danger to international security and peace by attacking a sovereign state and an ineffective member of the Security Council and the United Nations," Hariri said.
You could hardly even see the Syrian lips moving while the Lebanese dummy was talking...
In Jordan, Foreign Minister Marwan Muasher condemned the Israeli strike. "This is an aggression on an Arab brotherly country," said Muasher. "It can drag the whole region into a circle of violence."
"Idiot! It’s Cycle of Violence™! Cycle! Not Circle!"
"We cannot remain in this circle of violence which threatens the whole peace process and Israel must realize that its current policies will not lead to any stability in the region," Muasher told the official Petra news agency and Jordan Television.
Seems nothing the Israelis do will lead to stability in the region...
Syrian political analyst Imad al-Shouebi said the attack was an Israeli attempt "to shuffle cards and play with fire."
metaphor heaven
"It’s ... a foolish offer by the Israelis to the Americans to launch a military attack against Syria to pressure her because of its stances in the Security Council," said al-Shouebi.
the prone position, huh?
Syria has been under US pressure to expel the leaders of Islamic Jihad and Hamas. In an effort to appease the Americans, Syria closed the offices of the two groups after the US invasion of Iraq out of fear it could be the next nation targeted by the United States. But it has refused to act further.
and reopened them - jeebus, this is the AP, and even we Rantburgers knew that - couldn’t they have finished that important fact?
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