Lileks on the Minneapolis bridge collapse
A final note: I’ve driven across this bridge every few days for thirty years. There are bridges, and there are bridges; this one had the most magnificent view of downtown available, and it’s a miracle I never rear-ended anyone while gawking at the skyline, the old Stone Bridge, the Mississippi. You always felt proud to be here when you crossed that bridge, pleased to live in such a beautiful place. Didn’t matter if it was summer twilight or hard cold winter noon - Minneapolis always seemed to be standing at attention, posing for a formal portrait. We’ll have that view again – but it’ll take a generation before it’s no longer tinged with regret and remembrance.

We’ll pass on the usual Good Morning message today. It’s not a good morning.

11:18 PM A structural engineer reacts to the bridge’s last evaluation here. File away for future reference.
Posted by: Mike 2007-08-02