Woman nearly croaks with frog in salad
Talk about having a frog in your throat.

A Scottish woman who purchased a prepackaged salad for dinner got more than she bargained for when she got a mouthful of a dead frog that somehow made it into her meal.

According to the Edinburgh Evening News, Kate Dunlop, 26, spat out the first forkful of her Co-op Crunchy Mix due to a strange taste.

We had just bought the salad and had taken it straight home for dinner," Dunlop said. "I put it in a big bowl and my husband, Matt, and I served it on to our plates. Matt hadn't started eating his, but as soon as I took the first bite of my meal, I knew it didn't taste right.

Kate Dunlop says she nearly croaked upon finding frog in her salad.

"I spat it out on to my plate and saw the frog in what had come out of my mouth. I was absolutely horrified and so traumatized."

She added: "It really scared me that it could have made me ill. I was saying to my husband all night that my tongue felt tingly, but I think it was probably just me imagining it."

Dunlop says when she called the store, someone there did apologize in a "matter of fact" manner about the stamp-sized amphibian.

"Every time I shut my eyes I just see an image of that little frog. I don't think I'll be eating salad again for a long time."

Malcolm Brown, a spokesman for Scotmid where the salad was purchased, told the paper: "We are treating this very seriously indeed. We have asked our supplier to investigate their processes, going back to the point of supply. We would like to apologize unreservedly to the customer. We will be writing to her and will keep her up-to-date with the investigation."

The frog fright is the second such incident in the past two weeks, as an office worker reportedly found a live frog in a salad he bought from a Somerfield store in Lanarkshire, Scotland.

Posted by: Delphi 2007-08-02