My thoughts on the California Election
Dems can’t/won’t give up California!
You would think that after the butt-smacking (pun intended) the Dems received last night the 10-watt light bulb would come on. You would be wrong! First the Lt. ‘Race-Baiter’ Governor called the new administration racists and applauded the defeat of Prop 54. Because had it passed the minorities in the state would be sold back into slavery, harassed, or otherwise denied access to public assistance programs. He also said about the recall: “We’ll have something to say about that later.”
Cruz does not get it!

Some of the 2700 political appointees gathered in Sacramento to watch the elections returns. At 8:01 PM PST CNN called the recall a done deal and declared Arnold the winner. By 8:15 PM PST we all knew how they were going to spin this stunning defeat: “But Grey got more votes than Arnold.” That is to say that more people voted No on the recall than voted for Arnold. As of this writing the ‘official’ results are as follows:
No on the Recall: 3,514,348
Arnold Schwarzenegger: 3,639,302*
*And they haven’t even started the Absentee counting!
They don’t get it (and they can’t count)!
CNN, ABC, and CBS all called the election by 9:00 PM PST because they could not sit on the news any longer. The exit polls by 3:00 PM PST showed two things: Davis was gone and Arnold was in. At 4:00 PM PST CNN reiterated the LA Times party line that the race had ‘tightened up’ since the scandal. As of this writing the Yes votes lead by over 80k votes.
The News Networks and LA Times do not get it.

Bill Clinton, and assorted Presidential Wannabes were polluting my state over the past month, telling us that the recall was the worst thing ever. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the NAACP all decried that ‘millions’ would be denied a vote because they didn’t have their own personal modern voting machine. The first words out of the NAACP last night was that they had a ‘few’ instances of voting irregularities. The CAL DNC (and RNC countered) had lawyers in ALL counties to immediately file a suit when voter fraud was detected. T
They don’t get it either!

Counter to what anyone in the DNC or RNC will admit the State of California exercised the right in our constitution to recall a Governor. No stipulation on why to recall him, just the right to recall ANY elected official that the voters thought was not doing the job. Grey Davis is a lot of things but a good Governor is NOT one of them. Jerry Brown said what I always thought about the office: ‘Anyone can sit in the chair when things are going good, it’s a crisis that tells you if you have the right person for the job.’ We have had several big crises’ during the Davis reign and he has not risen to the occasion. So We the people decided to fire the man WE hired to do a job.

No matter how much the DNC or anyone call this a Right Wing Conspiracy it was the people who signed the petition and voted. There was NO voter fraud, disenfranchisement, or black helicopters just people exercising the right to vote. So if the Dems want to regain some respectability they should quit whining and accept the election for what it truly is: A REVOLUTION. If they want to become a third-party, keep up the spin and accusations, WE the people can see through the smoke screen. Also can somebody escort Mr.’s Jackson and Sharpton to the border and tell them to ‘GET THE HELL OUT OF MY STATE AND DON’T COME BACK.’

Cyber Sarge, Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, California Chapter.
Posted by: Cyber Sarge (VRWC CA Chapter) 2003-10-08