Algeria pounds Salafist HQ
Algerian helicopters and artillery continued to pound a stronghold said to contain the Islamic insurgency leadership.
Caught them, did they? I certainly hope they did...
Algerian security sources said a combined air and ground military operation fired missiles and rockets toward a stronghold of the Salafist Brigade for Combat and Call in the Babour mountains in eastern Algeria. The sources said the mountain stronghold contains the Salafist leadership. The Algerian military has been pounding Salafist positions since Sept. 12. So far, more than 180 Islamic insurgents have been reported killed in the Satif province in the largest Algerian counter-insurgency operation ever. On Tuesday, 12 Salafist insurgents were said to have been killed by the Algerian military. Most of those killed were hiding in a cave used by the Salafists to treat their wounded.
Posted by: Fred Pruitt 2003-10-08