Suicide Bomber Injures Two in West Bank
In the West Bank, a suicide bomber detonated explosives near an Israeli army base. The bomber apparently was a woman, radio reports said.
"Avner! What was that, that just hit the side of the tank?"
"I think it was a bosom, Moshe."
"Oh. Another female suicide bummer. Hope nobody got hurt."
The explosion killed the attacker and wounded two people, one seriously, paramedics said. The blast went off near a base outside the West Bank town of Tulkarem, security officials said. There was no immediate claim of responsibility.
That’ll come soon enough
In a setback for the new Palestinian prime minister, legislators postponed a vote on his Cabinet amid bitter disputes Thursday over its composition and size. The postponement of the Cabinet vote, which was tentatively rescheduled for Saturday, came as factions within Arafat’s Fatah movement argued over the status and size of the Cabinet.
... the shape of the table, the color of the carpet, whether to serve tea or coffee...
The chaos Thursday was considered an embarrassment for new Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei.
"I'm so embarrassed!"
Some wanted it to remain an emergency Cabinet, which would have expired in one month, while others favored confirming it with a vote in the parliament, which would turn it into a regular Cabinet, according to Palestinian legislator Hanan Ashrawi. Many of the legislators, including those who had not been included in the Cabinet, voiced objections to its small size.
"It's too small, dammit! You shoulda named me a minister, too!"
"This is a constitutional crisis," Ashrawi said.
As opposed to their normal, everyday crisis.
Things will get worse shortly, I hope...

Posted by: Steve 2003-10-09