Satan’s Assistant Palestinian Leader Attends Muslim Prayers
Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat attended Muslim prayers at his West Bank headquarters on Friday, repeatedly kneeling and getting to his feet without help and looking stronger after what doctors said was a bout of stomach problems.
At first the doctors thought it was an intestinal blockage, but with Yasser, how could you tell?
In appearances earlier this week, Arafat, 74, was pale and haggard, and seemed unusually disoriented. This set off speculation, denied by his doctors fearful for their lives, that he was suffering from a serious illness. On Friday, Arafat sat in the first row of thug buddies worshippers at a makeshift mosque in his West Bank headquarters. He was still pale but looked stronger, and his lower lip did not tremble, as it often does when he appears especially demented tired. As required in Muslim prayers, Arafat repeatedly knelt on the carpet and got up again, without assistance. In his earlier appearances, he had held the hand of ex-lovers aides as he walked down the entrance steps of his compound to address reporters. Jordanian and Egyptian specialists have examined Arafat in the past two weeks. His personal physician, Dr. Ashraf al-Kurdi, a neurosurgeon, said he suffered from acute gastroenteritis and chronic dementia but was recovering. Aides fearful for their lives have denied rumors that Arafat was seriously ill. An Arafat confidant, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Egyptian doctors have brought medical equipment with them and have set up a mini mortuary hospital in the compound.
"Moshe! Turn the Death Ray™ up to ’5’."
"Cheez, David, that’s pretty high!"
"I have a feeling we’ll have to dial it higher yet."

Posted by: Steve White 2003-10-10