Israel develops ability to launch atomic weapons from submarines
Israel has modified American-supplied cruise missiles to carry nuclear warheads on submarines, giving it the ability to launch atomic weapons from land, air and beneath the sea, senior Bush administration and Israeli officials were quoted Saturday by The LA Times.
Those would be Tomahawks.
"The previously undisclosed submarine capability bolsters Israel’s deterrence in the event that Iran develops nuclear weapons," the report said.
Two Bush administration officials described the missile modification and an Israeli official confirmed it. All three spoke on condition their names not be disclosed, the paper added.
Haven’t seen the article in the LA Times, but as far as I know, Israel has never officially admitted having nukes. Of course, everyone knows they do, so this is a logical step.
The Americans said they were disclosing the information to caution "Israel’s enemies at a time of heightened tensions in the region and concern over Iran’s alleged ambitions."
"Remember, if any one of you nukes Israel, everybody gets one in return."
Posted by: Steve 2003-10-11