Indonesian church torched, two killed by armed men
Unidentified armed men killed two Christians and torched a church and many homes in a mostly Christian village in Muslim-majority Indonesia, police said on Saturday.The attack on the village in Sulawesi province on Friday has raised fears of a resurgence in religious violence in a region where some 2,000 people have been killed in Muslim-Christian clashes since 1999.
How can you have a resurgence when it never stopped?
Rudy Tranggono, deputy police chief in the nearby town of Poso, said the two people killed in the attack in the early hours of Friday were Christians living in Beteleme village. The killings come after months of relative calm in Sulawesi. The area was wracked by violence in 2001 and 2002 and became a training ground for many Muslim militants. ’’Troops from both the police and the military have been sent there and the Central Sulawesi police chief has gone to the scene already,’’ Tranggono told Reuters by telephone.
Little late, aren’t you?
He said there were probably more than 10 attackers, shooting and burning houses. A man and a woman were killed, three people wounded, and 29 houses and one church burned. ’’The motive of the attacks has not been identified,’’ Tranggono said, adding it was not known if it was fighting between local groups or pre-meditated religious clashes.
"Could be those Episcopalians, can’t trust them."
Sounds like Laskar Jihad is back...

Posted by: Steve 2003-10-11