Roh, Roh, Roh, the Mega-appeaser has to go!
President Roh Moo-hyun on Monday proposed holding a national referendum in December to determine whether he has the public’s trust, and said he would step down if he fares poorly.
Roh is ahead of the times, he’s a politician campaigning for his own recall.
The president acknowledged that such a process would generate political "chaos" at a time when his government is trying to revive the economy, and resolve a standoff over North Korea’s development of nuclear weapons.
North Korea’s develpment of nuclear weapons can easily be resolved with our already-developed nuclear weapons.
"I believe that time has come to put myself forward," Roh said in a speech to the National Assembly. "If there is a doubt, I believe that I must put myself forward and undergo the people’s judgment."
’The people’s judgement’ sounds like the title for a bad Communist propaganda film. (Not that there are good Commie propaganda films.)
Oh, sure there were. Chapaev was a great film. So was Battleship Potemkin...
Roh’s perceived inconsistency on major policy issues has alienated many South Koreans, and corruption scandals involving presidential aides have also hurt his approval ratings. The economy is another worry, as foreign investment declines and domestic demand remains weak.
A leftist takes power, the economy suffers. Boy, that NEVER happens.

Roh Moo-hyun became president on a platform of entitlement and extra-strenght appeasement of Kim Jong (mentally) Ill. His ouster would be welcomed.
Posted by: Sorge 2003-10-13