Israeli Ministers steer clear of new ’Geneva’ deal
JPost Reg req’d - this "deal" is a suicide pact
Not a single minister in Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s cabinet is expected to support the Geneva Initiative hammered out over the weekend by a team of Israeli leftists and Palestinians in Amman. Former Justice Minister Yossi Beilin, who initiated the plan, had expressed hope of attracting support from Shinui and Likud MKs. The two sides in Amman agreed to bring the deal to their governments for approval. But Shinui leader Yosef (Tommy) Lapid released a statement criticizing the initiative and National Infrastructure Minister Yosef Partitzky, who considers himself the most dovish minister, said he also opposes the plan. "Every effort must be made to encourage dialogue with the Palestinians but this must be done by the elected government and not a gathering of failed politicians like Beilin, [Amram] Mitzna, and [Avraham] Burg," Lapid said. "The Geneva Initiative entails far-reaching concessions that should not even be made at the end of negotiations and certainly not at the beginning. The Palestinians accepted the ’road map,’ making many more concessions, and there is no reason for Israel to give them up. In the end, [the initiative] is an irresponsible move, even from the point of view of those who seek peace." The farthest Left Shinui MKs, Ilan Lebovich and Eti Livni, were involved in earlier stages of planning the Geneva Initiative, but have not seen the final result and have not yet decided whether to back it.

Note: The deal would give the Paleos control over the Temple Mount with International oversight, while the Paleos would renounce the "right of return" — which they never have, and never will. The country’s borders would return to’67, yadda yadda... The deal is even too much for Shimon Peres to sign on — should tell you something. IMHO, you can’t "deal" with those who lie, cheat, and break every treaty or agreement they’ve ever signed.
Posted by: Frank G 2003-10-13