On the Soddy Border...
Saudi Arabia has made its first arrest of suspected Al Qaida insurgents recruited to fight in Iraq.
Cut to Clown Prince Abdullah checking off the block next to "token border arrest."
Saudi security sources said Saudi border forces arrested four Islamic combatants who were trying to cross into Iraq. The sources said this was the first detention of suspected Al Qaida agents recruited to fight in Iraq since the U.S.-led war against the Saddam Hussein regime in March.
And the FIRST since we RECENTLY complained in public about the steady stream of tangos pouring out of Soddyland.
The London-based Al Hayat daily reported on Monday that the four agents were arrested the previous day in Arar along the northern Saudi border. The newspaper said the suspected insurgents, who had been traveling in a vehicle, were found in possession of semi-automatic weapons, grenades and explosives.
No doubt the boys were merely out trying to hunt down sheep rustlers.
Posted by: TerrorHunter4Ever 2003-10-13