Two Asians, One Saudi Die in Bid to Clean Alrashid Mall Sewer
Two Asians and a Saudi suffocated while cleaning a sewer at the prestigious Alrashid Mall.
Dontcha hate it when that happens?
The accident occurred around 1.15 p.m. yesterday, when an Indian and a Pakistani member of the mall’s maintenance team along with their Saudi supervisor attempted to clean the sewer. The Pakistani laborer climbed down the manhole first despite warnings from the mall’s staff to wait until it was safe.
"Do not go in there!"
"Aw, it ain't nothin'! Why, my Uncle Abdullah once... Gasp!" [Thud!]
When the Pakistani fainted, his Indian colleague climbed after him, but he also lost consciousness.
"Mukkerjee! Don't do it!"
"I gotta save Mahmoud!"
"I dunno. I... Gasp!" [Thud!]
Maintenance officials say that normally workers wait before entering a sewage tank so that the gas has time to escape. “But these two did not follow the safety precautions,” an official said. The Saudi supervisor then climbed down the manhole to rescue his two workers.
"Guys? Guys? Hey! Wake up!"
Mall officials, who by then had alerted the Civil Defense, asked him to wait, but he refused saying that any delay could cost the lives of his workers. Once in the sewer, he too collapsed.
"Gasp!' [Thud!] [Splash!]
The Civil Defense team was quick to respond and reached the scene shortly afterward, but by the time the three men were brought to the surface they had died.
"Ahmed! Biohazard gear and gaff hooks! Make it quick!"
"Right, chief!"

Posted by: Fred Pruitt 2003-10-14