Lebanon won’t let Palestinians buy land
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A bill which would have allowed Palestinians to buy property in Lebanon has been withdrawn, prompting accusations of racism and discrimination, the Arabic Aljazeera network reported.

An estimated 390,000 Palestinians live in Lebanon, half of whom live in UN hellholes camps.

On Monday any hopes of ever owning their own property were dashed when Lebanese Parliament speaker Nabih Berri withdrew draft legislation which would have lifted a ban on Palestinian refugees from owning property in Lebanon.

The current legislation forbids the acquisition of real estate by all non-Lebanese persons "who do not possess citizenship issued by a state recognised by Lebanon."
"or adequate false identification"
"[Berri] withdrew from the agenda the bill presented by 10 deputies which aimed to amend a text banning Palestinians from acquiring real estate," the dean of the house Kabalan Issa al-Khuri told Aljazeera.

"This subject is divisive among Lebanese," Berri said. "The acquisition by Palestinians of real estate would damage the Palestinian cause because that way the refugees would remain in Lebanon and never return to Palestine," he added.
"We really really don’t want em...you know what happens to your property values when a UN Paleo camp is nearby?"
Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri believes that the time was not right to grant Palestinians living in Lebanon such rights, but that the "unjust" ban would one day be lifted, the Arabic network reported.
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