Riyadh human rights declaration released
Saudi Arabia has played down the demonstration that took place in Riyadh on Tuesday. The Saudi minister of the interior Prince Nayef Bin Abdul Aziz announced the detention of more than 150 persons in the March of protest which he said that 150 persons took part in it, while the Kingdom's Mufti (highest religious cleric) Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bin Abdullah al-Sheikh considered that the demonstrations are "the morals of non-Muslims," calling for "loyalty to der Fuehrer il Duce the ruler." Nayef said that 154 persons were arrested after an aggregation that lasted for two hours on Tuesday in Riyadh.
Meanwhile, in excellent counterpoint...
In a separate issue, the "Human rights at times of war and peace" conference, sponsored by Prince Nayef was concluded yesterday. Among the conference's recommendations was that "the need to highlight the key role given by Islam in human rights at times of peace and armed conflicts alike, to establish national committees for the dissemination of the International Humanitarian law and to benefit from the experience of the International movement in this regard., to stress adoption of common international criterion on human rights that makes it imperative to honor religions and traditions, cultures and civilizations of people, and that the question of the Palestinian people is one of the humanitarian issues to which the efforts of establishments concerned in human rights should be invested to implement UN resolutions concerned" and that "honoring people's rights to self defense and their rights to self- determination are one of the main sources to world peace and security."
Posted by: Fred Pruitt 2003-10-17