Naughty bit from Merde in France
Ils se vendent comme de petits pains/Selling like hotcakes
More proof that the French are not only profoundly anti-American, but extremely sick as well. In a country where Thierry Meyssan sold 200,000 copies of ’911 The Big Lie’,
"L’effroyable imposture", hey I’ve read that book, not even remotely convincing, enterely an "internet investigation"
the new bestseller at the FNAC (French books & CD chain) is ’L’Empreinte du Diable’ (’The Mark of the Devil’) by Ben Peri. The book makes the now standard Euro-parano claims about CIA and Mossad plots in 9-11. The author goes so far as to claim that ’only 61 victims of the attacks were Jewish’. This revisionist anti-semitic ’literature’ is being showcased in Paris bookshops. Oh, and get this, the French publisher that has managed to produce this best seller is called ’Truth Publishers’. This is strictly a word-of-mouth success story because the book has had no major media promotion. The French population is so hateful that it is clamoring for this shit.

UPDATE: According to the Moroccan portal Atlasvista, the Ben Peri’s book has sold over 1000 copies in Morocco in just 24 hours.

Posted by: Anonymous 2003-10-17