16 Wakf workers barred from Temple Mount
JPost - Reg Req’d - expect typical Friday Paleo seething , cries of oppression
In one of the largest police crackdowns on Wakf officials in years, 16 employees of the Islamic trust have been barred from entering the Temple Mount for one to three months after inciting against Jewish visitors, police said Thursday.
how about...oh..permanently? expel to Gaza?
The 16, the majority of whom are directly employed by the Wakf, which administers the holy site, were arrested over the last few weeks on suspicion of incitement to violence, Jerusalem police spokesman Shmuel Ben-Ruby said. Acting on police’s recommendations, Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court ordered the officials barred from the Mount for a period of one to three months. One of the men, Aliyeh el-Ajaj, termed by police as the "chief provocateur," was ordered to stay out of the Old City for the next three months. Police suspect that the Ajaj, whose son Samar was also among those barred, would incite other people to violence in exchange for payment.
whore for violence huh? who was paying?
The court also ordered all of the suspects to deposit NIS 5,000 in guarantees that they would adhere to the court order. Police said that all the men detained hold Israeli ID cards. Wakf director Adnan Husseini squealed like a pig called the move "illegal," and said that the men only tried to prevent "extremist Jews" from praying on the Mount.
as opposed to extremist Muslims, which are required
According to the status quo established after the Six Day War, only Muslims are allowed to pray on the Mount, a regulation which is rigidly enforced by Jerusalem police.
sounds like things have changed, huh? cause/effect again
In a telephone interview with The Jerusalem Post, Husseini said that all Wakf officials are against the recent Israeli decision to allow the reentry of Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount.
Thank you for your opinion, now STFU
Police reopened the Temple Mount, Judaism’s holiest site, to both Jews and Christians on August 20, after nearly three years during which it was off-limits to non-Muslims due to concerns over renewed Palestinian violence. During the last two months, thousands have visited it. Aside from several isolated incidents, and the harsh condemnation of the move by Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat, the morning visits have passed without violence.
because of moves like this
During this period, at least two Jews who have attempted public prayer at the site have also been temporarily banned by police and the courts from reentering the compound. Although this is not the first time that Wakf officials have been temporarily barred from entering on charges of incitement to violence, the crackdown was by far the largest in years. Shortly after the August reopening of the site, three Wakf officials were temporarily barred after taking part in a confrontation with police against the reentry of Jewish visitors. The move is seen as part of the police’s determination to preserve the newly restored status quo and prevent possible outbursts of violence
and reestablish Israeli sovereignty over all of Jerusalem

Maybe it's the result of years of agnosticism, but this whole thing is beyond my comprehension. My teeny-tiny two-cycle mind can't grasp it. Their panties bunch because people want to pray? I could understand getting worked up if they wanted to get drunk, or pick up babes, or play loud music — but saying hello to God? Their lips are moving, words are coming out, but they aren't saying anything.

Posted by: Frank G 2003-10-17