Poll: Action in Iraq Was Right Thing to Do
A majority of the public thinks going to war with Iraq was the right thing for the United States to do, but considerably fewer Americans believe a lot of progress has been made there. Nearly half disapprove of press coverage of operations in Iraq, and many Americans think news reports focus mainly on the negative things happening in Iraq. These are some of the findings of the latest FOX News national poll of registered voters, conducted October 14-15 by Opinion Dynamics Corporation. Currently, 58 percent of Americans think going to war with Iraq was the right thing for the United States to do, down from 62 percent in September and 65 percent in July. Almost four in 10 (39 percent) feel strongly that taking military action was the right thing to do and 19 percent feel it was somewhat right. About a third think going to war was the wrong thing to do (23 percent strongly and 12 percent somewhat).
[Breakdown of results by party affiliation and domestic political analysis omitted.]
Earlier this year, when major combat was still underway in Iraq, over half of Americans approved of the way newspapers and television channels were reporting on the war. Today, nearly half disapprove (46 percent) of the way news outlets have been reporting on U.S. military operations in Iraq. Again, there are predictable partisan differences. Democrats are more likely to approve of the news coverage of Iraq, but a majority of Republicans disapprove.
When combat was under way reporters were embedded and we saw things close to live. Now we get what's available at the bar at the Baghdad Hotel...
In addition, three times as many Americans think news reports about Iraq are more likely to focus on the negative and leave out the positive (60 percent), than to focus largely on the positive things happening in Iraq (19 percent). Earlier this week President Bush gave several interviews to local broadcast stations, in part, because he believes the positive things happening in Iraq are not getting attention in the mainstream press.
Posted by: Mike 2003-10-17