Family's lawyers claim irregularities in al-Ghozi's death
We live in a really weird world...
Lawyers representing the family of Fathur Rohman al-Ghozi, the convicted Indonesian bomber recently killed by Philippine security forces, demanded on Friday that Manila authorities explain the details behind his death. Al-Ghozi's body was buried on Friday in Madiun, his hometown, after Philippine authorities returned the corpse to his family on Thursday. The funeral, attended by hundreds of sympathizers and supporters, was delayed one day to allow Indonesian forensic experts to examine the body amid rumours that al-Ghozi was executed, and not killed in a shoot-out with Philippine troops on October 12 as reported by Manila.
Executed him? EXECUTED him? Well, by Gawd — just look at that! I'm dripping indignation... Uhhh... Sorry. It's sauce from my meatball sub.
Fachmi Bachmid, one of al-Ghozi's family mouthpieces defence lawyers, said based on the results of an autopsy, al-Ghozi died from gunshot wounds — two to the chest and one in his left hand — sustained from the front. Munim Idris, head of the Indonesian forensic team, confirmed all bullets entered the front of al-Ghozi's body and exited through his back. "So, it's illogical to claim that al-Ghozi was shot while running away ... It's impossible that al-Ghozi was killed in a shoot-out," Bachmid told reporters in Madiun, 450 kilometres southeast of Jakarta.
The second part of that sentence didn't make any sense, and the first part didn't make much sense.
Therefore, the defence team will seek official clarification from the Philippines government about the chronology of al-Ghozi's death, Bachmid said, adding "we want to know what really happened".
What really happened is that he departed the gene pool...
"If the Philippine government failed to give an explanation, we're ready to file a lawsuit," said another lawyer Wirawan Adnan.
Hokay. A major international terror figure, on the lam after busting out of the calaboza, is bumped off in a shootout. And they're gonna sue.
"We will report to the International Court and ask the Philippine government's responsibility," Fahmi Bachmid added as quoted by Antara.
Sue and be damned.

Posted by: Fred Pruitt 2003-10-17